Sunday, February 14, 2010

out of the oven

The recipe I used for the Valentine muffins is from Family Fun.

For what I was using them for, I was afraid they were going to be too messy with the gooey chocolate or jam centers so I decided to make half the batch plain strawberry and half the batch with chocolate chips added to the batter.

I also wanted them to be festive but decided to just use what I had rather than going out and buying something.

See that . . . ?

yep, scotch tape, a plain ole toothpick and pink paper cut into the shape of a heart with plain old scissors

easy as pie . . .

or muffins . . .

I also had a package of these really fun sparkly appetizer picks from the dollar spot at Target (who doesn't love that place?) They were red and green for Christmas and I've had them for at least one Christmas, maybe two and they haven't been used so I decided to use all of the red ones today and maybe I'll have to make St. Patrick's Day cupcakes or something to use the green ones. Who knows.

The chocolate chip strawberry muffins.

Happy Valentine's Day . . . again.



Jacquie said...

So glad I was able to partake in those! Yum! Thanks for making them!!

Deborah said...

WOW-WEE those look yummy! I also love your Valentine decor--so fun!

Karen said...
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Beth said...

Fun V-day treats! Your V-day decor is great, too! All I got put up was a garland in the living room - but it's a start :-)

Julie said...

I agree with Jacquie...YUM! I knew as soon as I walked in that the muffins had your special touch...the chocolate chip was my favorite, they could be dessert!