Wednesday, September 8, 2010

in the kitchen

do you know what this is?

My friend Jessica gave it to me last night.

It's Amish friendship bread.

Now here's the thing I really liked about Jessica giving it to me. She gave it to me on day 9! I did not have to keep up with the mooshing of the bag, letting air out, adding stuff, etc. I just got to bake it! She even gave me the box of vanilla pudding it calls for in case I didn't have any in my pantry! Is that greatness or what?

this little guy got a dusting of flour on his head in the process

Amish friendship bread reminds me of my friends Jenni and Laci.

They are the two people who have given it to me before. Actually Laci would just bring the baked bread to school in the mornings and let us all eat it! Absolute greatness.

Now I'm sure Amish friendship bread will remind me of Jessica as well.

It is in the oven as we speak absolutely tantalizing us with it's scent!

oh wait, the timer just went off!

I'm back. I took a photo of the finished muffins (I'm down to only one loaf pan right now because my lovely antique milk glass one (bottom photo) that had been my great grandmother's broke. :( So I made one loaf and one dozen muffins.)

I will upload it and add it to the bottom of this post!

Here they are!

Cake tester courtesy of my mom.

Can't wait to go and eat one.

The loaf will be going here.

I have four starters now. Would anyone like one? If you're local and would like one let me know. We'll see if we can work out a pass off. (sorry if you're not local but I'm not ready to delve into mailing liquids)

also a disclaimer: I broke a rule.

The recipe clearly says not to use a metal bowl or metal spoon.

Gotcha, check. (Did you see my ceramic mixing bowl and wooden spoon up there?)

BUT . . . then it came time to divide the batter into the four ziplocs and I was trying to think what would be the easiest/least messy way to do that. Each one was supposed to be one cup.

Yup, that was my mistake, a metal measuring cup dipped into the batter. oops!

What does it do anyway? Do you think it's ruined? Should I throw it out?

If you're not afraid to have a starter that ever so briefly had a brush with metal then they're still up for grabs. If I have somehow ruined it I'll completely understand if no one wants the starters.

Also is it bad that I used metal measuring cups (my others were in the dishwasher!) and metal measuring spoons (the only kind I have) when adding the final ingredients to my portion before baking?

an Amish friendship bread making novice,



Jenni said...

yummy!!! I'm betting you are safe with the brief brushes with metal.... :-)

Kori said...

Yea! I had not thought of muffins. I have some of this starter and the kids adore it for breakfast. I kept two starters and am working on one being half whole wheat and honey in place of sugar. So far it has worked great and even James can't tell a difference! Nor the kids. :-) But I need to try it as muffins.
Metal does not mix well with sourdoughs - something about the good bacteria in it. But I only ever used metal measuring cups for the 1 cup and hadn't even realized it! And I have had no problems with continued success. :-)
Soon I am going to try some with other flavors of pudding...get some variety!
Was there any cooking time difference for muffins?

Jessica H said...

Well, first I feel honored to have made the blog! Second, I'd be willing to bet your metal law breaking will be ok. Hope you enjoyed the tasty bread - I brought a loaf to work today and it was gone in 40 minutes - granted I am fully convinced I could put out a shoe with some chocolate sauce drizzled over it and at least one person would taste it (seriously!) but anyway, it was popular. :)

Jessica H said...

Also, the instruction sheet is a bit confusing on this at the bottom, but a sprinkling of cinnamon/sugar on the bottom of the pan OR the top of the unbaked loaf make a yummy crunchy coating that adds something special.

Julie said...

I would love to have one of your starts. I got a start this past holiday season, and when I was adding to it on one of the days I spilled the entire thing! ugh. Anyway, I bet it would be fun to make while I am home.

Kirstin said...

Yummy! I love that bread, I just always hate having to try giving it all away (C:

Now, I need to know how you get such awesome pictures of your "food". they are so great! What's the secret?

Rachel said...

My roommate just got some of this starter and was baking last week - delicious!