Wednesday, September 8, 2010


You may or may not know that I craved s'mores during my pregnancy, particularly 3rd trimester. I think I may have eaten one every day after school.

I ate so many that my sweet husband bought one of these for me. :)
It actually works surprisingly well and the compartment for water creates steam that helps eliminate the rubbery-ness that microwaved marshmallows can develop. Wow, is it crazy that I have this much knowledge of microwaved s'mores?

well nothing really beats the real thing over an open fire.

While we were visiting Adrian's family in Pittsburgh, one Sunday night we went out to the lake to take a swim and then have a cook-out. My father-in-law found these amazingly large marshmallows!

Look at it in relation to the graham cracker! Those suckers were huge!

The chocolate is already melty because we left the Hershey bars in the car a little too long. :) My mother-in-law kindly scraped them out of the wrappers and spread them onto graham crackers for us.

Have you ever been with someone for their very first ever s'mores experience? Adrian's cousin from England was visiting and we were able to introduce him to the American wonder that is s'mores!

Later in the week my mother-in-law had the brilliant idea to try nutella s'mores! Oh yum!

Do you like s'mores? What is your favorite s'more memory or occasion?


p.s. I keep seeing those strawberry flavored marshmallows at Target and wondering if they'd make a good s'more. What do you think?

Oh and check this out from one of my favorite blogs: a whole post about s'more goodness!


Lori said...

I'm a traditionalist. Stick with the natural s'more. Brings back girl scout memories. Didn't know they were an American thing.

Kori said...

Let's see, what were the mini s'mores? mini choc chips, mini marshmallows and golden grahams? Over a tea light candle! :-) I also found these new things at the grocery store - they are healthy graham crackers with chocolate on one side, individually wrapped. I got some with a coupon but they aren't totally amazing - probably too much healthy in that graham. :-) But in a desperate need of a s'more, you could easily put some marshmallow on it! Now I need to try a nutella version. That sounds yummy!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

That microwave s'more maker is hilarious! I had no idea something like that existed.

I craved them early in my pregnancy, but I made them in the toaster oven.

Sarah B said...

I did not know you had such an obsession! Good choice, though. The microwave machine is awesome! And yes - each year in the Philippines we had 1-2 campfires and we always had s'mores. Our non-Americans were often a bit hesitant, but we won many over. Our big debate was always - Hershey's or Cadbury. Our British friends struggled with our Hershey's choice :)

Supermom said...

My family does 'Smeeps' each holiday. Instead of the regular marshmallows, we use Peeps. And, since they make peeps for every holiday now...we just have them year round! The kids love watching the shaped peeps 'grow' in the oven.

Deborah said...

A friend of mine just introduced me to PB S'mores...using a Reese's PB cup instead of plain chocolate. It is SOOO yummy. And, this is the only time I will eat a long as it is completely charred.

Tawn said...

I'm a fan of smores...HUGE. Make them in the microwave myself if I happen to have all the makings just sitting around. :-) I have tried the strawberry marshmallows and they don't taste much different than a regular marshmallow, but I want to try the chocolate swirl mallows I saw at Walmart yesterday. :-)

Miss G said...

I'm loving all the comments today! Who knew there were SO many fellow s'more lovers. :)

Tawn, the chocolate swirl marshmallows are what we "have on hand" (we've gotten to keeping marshmallows and graham crackers on hand and I always just use chocolate chips) right now and honestly the first couple I had just on their own I *really* liked and I enjoyed them in hot chocolate pretty well but they've lost their novelty quickly and I like plain better. Just fyi . . . but you might definitely need to try them for yourself to be sure. :)


Kirstin said...

We love S'mores and my daughter actually makes them the oven (C:

And congratulations on your new baby....he's so cute!!