Friday, September 10, 2010

life is good

when your feet are your friends

What is making life good for you today?



Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

{smile!} what a familiar sight!

Life is good when you've made it through the busy week.

Anonymous said...

It's still early, but so far I walked my granddaughter to school. That is a start of a very good day!~donna

Jenni said...

so fun when they find their feet!!

anticipation over weekend plans is making life good today :-)

Jenny said...

Oh, Look at those legs! Love them. Icing these days is being 6 months away from having a little one in love with their feet too!

emily said...

I wonder how many outfits (besides this one & the striped orange w/the shark on it) our boys share! We should both post w/these little coordinated buddies as the subject ;) Emmett plays w/this beach ball, while laying on his back, with ALL 4 limbs. AND he has recently started holding his bottle w/his feet & playing w/his hair w/his hands while he's having his little milk treats.

As for your question... I have to say a dusted & vacuumed downstairs w/the promise of the same happening upstairs. Cleaning makes me happy!!

Give your little boy-o a kiss from me!

Erica said...

He's doing yoga! That pose is called "happy baby." It feels so good to stretch out the spine and quads in that position. Super cute!

Karen said...

Coming home makes me happy today. Maybe I'll play with my feet for a while in honor of little man. Just kidding.