Sunday, December 5, 2010

ready to shop?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

I have for one side of my family because we exchanged gifts over our Thanksgiving trip and I have barely started for the other side.

Wherever you are on your Christmas shopping list, may I point you toward a great shop?

Have you heard of the organization Water4Christmas?

I began hearing about it through various bloggers like Meg and Ashley.

This is exciting stuff.

People's lives are *saved*, especially babies & little childrens', because they have fresh, clean water to drink rather than water infested with germs that cause dysentery, typhoid, etc.

Jesus' love is being shared!

Look at that beautiful fresh water!

A few weeks ago, Meg invited everyone who reads her blog to be involved.

This one lady, Kari, has put in some major work and has listed all of these items that people from all over have sent in. She is a rock star in my opinion! The etsy shop opens tomorrow!!!

I am so excited. I am really wanting one of those Africa shirts that Meg makes if she had time to make any in adult sizes. If you see them before I do, buy me one and I'll pay you back. :) I know they're going to sell out.

I am excited to see all that will be in that shop. There are many amazing crafting/giving people out there.

Meg's excitement was so contagious that I wanted to send something. I knew myself better than to think I was going to get a craft together on a deadline and with a small babe underfoot. I e-mailed Meg to ask if they were accepting vintage items since those also sell on etsy. The answer was yes!!

Remember my sale from last year?

Not everything sold. I still had lovely vintage treasures left.

Guess where you can now get your hands on some of them even if you're not local?

Not every item pictured below is available but several of them are. See something you like? Visit the water4christmas etsy shop and see if it's there.

I hope those water drop ornaments are still available!

Happy shopping and thanks for reading a super long post!

Here is an exciting video that I don't think is from the same organization but is definitely similar. Enjoy!

WHI - Wells for Sudan from The Water Project on Vimeo.


update 8:52 p.m. 12/6/10: Items are selling, selling, selling! Three of my items are gone. Wells are going to be built!


Molly said...

Hey Kelly!! Thanks for reading my blog!! I love meeting new friends :) I am going to look around to see what you sent to the water 4 christmas shop! I have my eye on a few things already, just waiting for my hubby to give me the debit card when he gets up, ha ha! Hope you have a fabulous week friend!!
~Molly P

Jenni said...

so fun! what a great way to share your treasures. said...

Oh this amazing! We've been talking at church a lot about what it means to have a subversive Christmas. And giving things that are actually needful to people who actually need things. And giving them instead of mall toys. I LOVE this etsy shop. I hadn't heard of this! Is it too late to send some stuff!?