Tuesday, April 26, 2011

birthday boy's cupcake

My mom has this really fun pedestal cake stand just perfect for one little cupcake. I wanted to make it a little "boyish" and so used the fun blue yarn pom pom that was actually on a Christmas gift to me from Adrian's aunt, uncle and cousins. So glad I saved it.

Before we left Texas we were blessed to spend time with many of our friends who are so important to us. Mark and Shevawn made some chocolate cupcakes for us (It meant so much to me to have someone bake for us with all of our crazy food allergies!) and Shevawn shared the recipe so I used that for David's birthday cake.

Our friends Sarah and John made dairy and egg free brownies with dairy free chocolate ganache frosting for our "see you later lunch" with friends from church. Again, such a blessing and made me feel so loved! I used the ganache recipe for frosting David's cake and cupcake.

the cake table

Mama's hands covered in sprinkles

my old high chair from when I was a baby, paper pennants made from scrapbooking paper found at Hobby Lobby, party hat from Target and embellished with the circle and "1"


Lorilee said...

So cute! The birthday boy looks delighted with his cupcake!

Lori said...

Way cute. Hope you are enjoying your new state!

Julie P. said...

It is so interesting to see the differene in how a BLS baby eats their first birthday cake vs puree fed babies. He doesn't have cake in his ear and up his nose!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I love that the sprinkles match the wrapping paper, and that big red balloon... perfect! Baby's first cake is such a fun milestone (and, sadly, one that we overlooked with Little Miss because Daddy was away... maybe we'll do it next week for her 13 months birthday!)

Ashley said...

Love all the perfect details...that's so you!! You had an early start at planning things years ago at the Shantih Snowball Christmas Party!! You were born a party planner!
Happy Birthday David..my favorite picture of you is when you are looking at your birthday cupcake and your sweet toes are spread out with excitement!! Love it!

Karen said...

Love reliving little man's birthday over again on your blog.

Craig said...

All looks so awesome – and I have to ask – that dog with the wheels – I remember that one – was that yours too? My sister’s baby had a birthday this last week – momma was disappointed because she made a cake for baby – especially for smushing – with a bib and a banner and a big mat on the floor – and she didn’t smush – she cried. Yours has the smushy part down I see. :) God Bless and keep you and all of yours. I really hearted this post. Thank you Kelly.

Bethany Cassity said...

You should win some type of mom award. SUPER cute! We miss you!

Shevawn said...

Just precious. I love how you think of every detail and that you use so many things that are dear to you. Great decor and wonderful pics. Your sweet boy is getting soooo big. Miss you guys and love you!