Thursday, April 21, 2011

first birthday theme and decorations

I got the idea from Meg to be sure that we took a picture *with* the birthday boy. It will be fun to see how we all change throughout the years.

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

I love that this picture was just captured, not at all staged, and it fits the theme so perfectly. I chose "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" because David loves to play with (and occasionally eat) shoes!

polka dot balloons from Hobby Lobby

(Super duper thanks to my friend Erin for telling me they had them there when I didn't have time to order them like I'd wanted in the midst of all the moving stuff.)

I love how this little guy has a shoe in his mouth and David loves to play with him.

Sweet big cousin with the balloons

the table where we ate, little tiny keds a hand-me-down from Julie's sweet boy

Julie also helped me pick out a lot of the decorations to put in boxes I would be able to get to as we were packing.

making good use of these blocks

This decoration holds a lot of meaning. The Coke crate has been in our family for years and years. I can remember it being in my dad's office when I was growing up and then on my mom's coffee table with plants in it, etc.

The top pair of shoes (booties) were a gift from my dear college friend Ruth, right after David was born (or right before? those days are fuzzy). They were hand made by a sweet older lady and Ruth knew I would appreciate them and their vintage-y quality. David wore them for his very first Sunday at church on Mother's Day last year.

The second pair of shoes down, the ones with the whales on them were bought by my mom on one of our very first excursions after he was born and we knew we were shopping for a boy. She bought them to match an outfit Jacquie had given him that had a whale on it. Plus I just love whales.

The numbers came from various flea markets. The dark green shoes are his tiny ones that he's worn the most so far. I love those shoes! Jenny gave them to us. Thank you, Jenny for those shoes and for the "1" onesie you handed down for his first birthday party!

The brown tennis shoes kind of have a funny story. Right before we went to New Mexico and Missouri at Christmas/New Year's I decided that it was not fair to try to stuff David's little feet into those green shoes and that he needed a bigger pair to keep his feet warm in those cold places. I found that pair for seven bucks at Burlington Coat Factory Baby Depot in the pre-Christmas shopping madness. I checked out and was walking back out of the store and saw a girl coming in with a sweatshirt from my alma mater. I tried to talk to her and she just brushed me off saying it was a friend's shirt and in the moment I left the bag with the paid for shoes in it in the cart!

When I realized what must have happened later I called the store and they said no one had turned any in. Finally I found out many hours later that they did have them and I could come pick them up but that meant a trip back to the MALL at Christmas and I was not super looking forward to it. Oh well. I got them and now there they are.

The spool of green thread was one of my keepsakes from my Poppy's garage.

The little "D" vintage linen was a find on one of my mom's and my many shopping trips in McKinney, TX way before David was even born.

And the last pair of shoes was a gift from our friend Debi. She brought them back from London! Thank you, Debi! I love them and am so excited for David to be able to wear them one day when his feet get bigger!

The verse is one I chose for David's baby dedication at church and the card is from my dear friend Marcella. It just went so well with the theme. It talks about baby feet pitter pattering.
My sister-in-law made the great cloth napkins for my mom and they went great with the party decor. I bought the board book One, Two Buckle My Shoe and I love it! It's really cute. I got the idea from Erin to use that book as a guest book for the party so all of the guests signed it. That will be really special to have.

more balloons that my sweet sister-in-law went and had filled up for me before party time

a pair of my dad's shoes decorating the present table

David certainly has big shoes to fill, those of his Daddy, grandpas, great-grandpas and uncles.

another one, two and a sweet present sent with us when we moved from a special little friend

More of the party to come! Kelly


Lori said...

So perfect, love the idea.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Everything is so cute! I love how much thought you put into the decorations and the sentimental meaning that is behind them.

Mindy S. said...

I will now be looking for the perfect book to make into a theme for Katelyn's second birthday--and use the book for the guest book. What an awesome idea! Both the guest book and the idea to use a children's book for the theme. Why did I never think of that? :-)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Such a clever idea for David's party! Hope he enjoys the shoes that I sent and this sweet feet will soon grow into them as he toddles along.

Happy Birthday!

Karen said...

Good memories of a delightful 1st Birthday.

Julie said...

I love seeing all the items we put aside in boxes, it makes me smile. I also love the coke shoe rack and that you explained where each shoe came from, such a neat time piece.

Hilary said...

Happy 1st Birthday David :)
Kelly you threw him an AMAZING 1st birthday and it's so precious at the same time!! Good job!! Hope you adjust good to the move and enjoying life :) Happy birthday again..great pictures too:)

Jacquie said...

Everything is perfect!! I love the idea of the book for everyone to sign!