Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a little pick me up

Sometimes when things are a bit off kilter it's worth a splurge at the store.

I first had this minty water at Asia Mint in Dallas.

It was *quite* a splurge at $2.95 so finding this for a dollar at King Soopers here in Colorado Springs seemed to me a steal.

(why do they put an "s' on the end of King Soopers? What does that name mean anyway? It's basically the same as Kroger. Do you shop at a Kroger/King Sooper brand store? I haven't ever shopped at one primarily before but that seems to be the most plentiful store here. It took me an age to find the lunch meat the other day because it was actually on an aisle in a refrigerated case rather than on a back/side wall like I was expecting. Anyway, any special products you love to get here or sales to know about?)

One final note on mint water. When I was in Italy after college we were guests in someone's home and she kindly served us mint water. It was very cold water with a thick minty syrup stirred into it. It looked like mouthwash with it's vivid green color but tasted ever so much better. Very refreshing indeed! I liked it so much that I found and bought a bottle of that mint syrup and carted it all the way home from Europe in my luggage. Do you remember that Marcella?

Hope you have a happy little pick me up today.


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Rachel said...

I do like to shop at King Soopers. They have a good selection of organic produce and their produce in general seems to be the best in the area (though I don't shop at Whole Foods, so that might be better). You may want to check out the website springsbargains.com for weekly deal listings for King Soopers and all the other major grocers, as well as many other sales and deals. I'm so thankful for that blog...it really helps stretch my budget.