Monday, April 11, 2011

ten on ten - April 2011 - first from Colorado

important to me stuff

"housewarming" daisies from my mama

(You can see the $10 changing table we scored at a garage sale to use while we're here in the background. When we're done we can sell it on craigslist!)

getting ready for church

the view as we drove out of the neighborhood

{photo by Adrian}


{photo by Adrian}

view of a potential house through the car window

getting organized

celebrating my nephew's first birthday with a woodland themed party

leaf shaped melon that my sister-in-law cut out

more snacks

This sweet boy *enjoyed* his cake!

We get to do this birthday thing next week!

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Jenni said...

love seeing these snippets of your new life :-)

Sarah B said...

How can I feel like I'm missing You when I moved a year ago! Glad you'll be able to share with us still.

Cary/Ashley said...

Oh, how I miss that breath-taking view of Pike's Peak!:) You'll never tire of it's majesty!

Lana said...

Glad to see your pictures. Enjoy house hunting and then resettling!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see photos of the house you will make your home and to see how your life will unfold from here.~donna

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

It's going to be fun to watch your new life unfold in your new home. Wow, what a view from your parents' neighborhood! The birthday boy looks like such a little man.

Julie said...

I beautiful pictures! I love the view and the melon! I can't wait to see more of Colorado.

Kelli said...

Those mountains are absolutely gorgeous. I want to visit CO one day.

JulieBGreen said...

I love the first birthday pic, So cute!