Tuesday, June 14, 2011

family room - gladiator style?

David is already really enjoying our family room (and finding Mama's iphone within reach! oops!).

Here is a "before" photo from before the house was ours.

The shutter doors go to the crawl space.

Gotta love that paneling. We have plans for this room. It will be the computer/craft/office/playroom. Basically where we can spend time as a family doing things we like to do individually but together.

Our "redo" plans are kind of on hold until IKEA opens in Denver on July 27th. I think it's gonna be great though.

And check this out . . .

Have you ever seen more gladiator spear-like curtain rods? And yes, they left them for us! Yippee.

So, where is your favorite place to shop for curtains and curtain rods? I've got some shopping to do.



Melissa Jackson said...

This will be such a fun room for you guys when you have it all finished. I know you'll make a lot of family memories in there!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Oh me, oh my... what a curtain rod! What a blessing to have a room that you can dedicate to hobbies (and playing). Ikea will be perfect for outfitting this space; can't wait to see what you do with it.

Dave and Judy said...

I understand it is Adrian's b'day. Please give him a hug from 'bootie' I really enjoy reading your blog.

Mindy S. said...

I tend to like Target for curtain rods. I generally choose very basic curtain rods with the plain balls at the ends anyway. You can pay a fortune for those at higher end stores or you can get the very same thing for a lot less at Target. :-) For curtains: I have made some (if you want something simple this would be easy to do, but in the long run I felt like I ended up spending as much on fabric as I would have buying them already made, so it did not save me any money, but I did get exactly what I wanted). I have bought curtains at both Target and at Penneys and they were okay if you want something simple and nuetral. Although I tried recently to get some at Penneys and I had trouble finding something that was machine washable (which I consider a must considering that these curtains were just something simple for a child's room). I have bought curtains at Pottery Barn Kids and I was very impressed with the quality and how they hung on the window--I would assume that the adult version would be similar. And I have also had custom curtains made by the custom department at Penneys. I was very pleased with those and would recommend that if you are looking for something special or more formal and you have a little more money to spend (wait and watch for their sales on the custom stuff).

Right now we only have curtains in the bedrooms. The living spaces just have the 2 inch faux wood blinds. I would like some sort of fabric treatments eventually, but I can't decide what I want exactly, so for right now I ignore the windows. :-)

Are you planning to paint all of that paneling or just leave it like it is?

Kelly said...

Those curtain rods are hilarious! Can't wait to see how you fix it up:) I can't believe you live so close now:) Maybe sometime we can meet in Castle Rock for lunch or shopping:)

Moving is hard! Hang in there! Loved your green pastures post!

Kelly Evans said...

Ha! My first thought upon seeing your curtain rods was "VBS prop!" Too funny! I was surprised to find just the curtain rods I was looking for at Hobby Lobby. I used the weekly 40% off coupon and bought nicer rods than I had seen elsewhere for much less. Good luck with the room!

Karen said...

And the boy as usual has "one shoe on, one shoe off"
This is going to be a happy room. In fact it already is. Maybe you need to incorporate some type of folding table type space in there since it is so close to the laundry room. Then Nana could come and spend the day doing laundry.