Friday, June 24, 2011

once upon a time . . .

when Adrian and I were dating, we went to Chicago where his brother was in school & his mom and granny from England had converged for a little visit.

fun little wardrobe with a neat row of hooks across the back for hanging one's articles of clothing

adorable sailboat bookends

I needed a place to stay and my brother-in-law was kind enough to inquire among some of the girls he knew and secure a guest room for me in the sorority house.

pink towels atop a pink rose laden bedspread

At the college I attended, we did not have sororities but we did have social clubs. I was in one of them (was president one semester in fact) but I do not have much experience with sororities or sorority houses. I found this one, the girls living in it and the accommodations to be quite charming so I took a little photo tour to share with you and in the business of wedding planning and all, never did.

Today is the day!

I liked this fun and different hook to hang my {overstuffed} purse upon

It's funny and a bit nostalgic to see my ipod. I gave it up when I got my iphone. Please do not fail to notice the pink painted butterflies flitting about the plastic tissue holder or the {faux} pink carnations.

even these ladies are fond of pink roses

a smart desk should I decide to do some studying

{the only thing I studied that weekend was a menu or a wedding magazine}

a place to rest

the {shared} bathroom

I love that door and wouldn't mind having one like it on my bathroom here at our house

old school looking for sure

I haven't even thought of Aqua Net in ages

a botanical shower curtain

I hope you've enjoyed your tour. I would love to hear your favorite aspect of the room and/or one of the most unique or interesting places you've ever stayed the night.

Happy Friday!



Jenni said...

love it!!

definitely interesting places to be had all over europe.....

Karen said...

Fun bit of nostalgia. My most interesting place to spend the night was that little hostel in Venice where we saw the water ambulance and the "body".

Dave said...

Did they get that bed spread from Grandmother? Looks just like hers. Looking at wedding magazines on your Chicago trip:):):)

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Fun! I love the bathroom door, and I love your cute wrap dress hanging in the closet.