Saturday, June 4, 2011

glimpse of the house

When we looked at our house before buying it we suspected that the brand new carpet in the living and dining rooms was covering original hardwood floors. The beautiful hardwood floors upstairs were one of the selling points of the house for us.

We had dining room carpet in our apartment in Dallas and we knew that we did not want to eat with a little one on carpet again. It is so messy!

We had plans to peel back the carpet and refinish the floors in the dining room. Curiosity killed the cat after closing and one of the very first things we did was peel back the carpet and look what we found!!! Hardwood floors in wonderful condition that needed no refinishing! Trim strips are drying from their coats of polyurethane in the garage and when they're ready the dining room floor "renovation" will be complete!

Here's a pic of the floors upstairs.

This is from when we saw the house before it was ours so the rug is not in the hallway anymore and you can see that beautiful wood.

more pics to come . . . lots of boxes to unpack



Kori said...

Oh we had an attic fan in our Little Rock house (James installed it). It was wonderful! Of course, after running it for a day every surface in the house was solid yellow with pollen. But it was wonderful to have. :-) Beautiful floors too!

Lori said...

Lucky you, those floors are the best.

Sarah B said...

Pizza is definitely moving food :) Hope your kitchen is working now. And those floors will look great with that wonderful table they left you! So glad things are falling into place for y'all.

Julie said...

I love, love, love the wood! If the carpet is in good codition you might be able to make rugs out of it, or use it in any of the rooms that still have carpet, if it is the same size. (later if it needs to be replaced) So far I like what I have seen of the house!

Jessica H said...

I will never understand why people put carpet over wood?! Lucky find for you! Congrats!!

Karen said...

The floors are gorgeous.

the Whitelaws said...

Floors - so great! Thrilled for you that you didn't have to work so hard.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Your house looks awesome! I hope you're enjoying it and feeling settled!

Hey, wanted to tell you that we were cruising down Academy last night and my girls noticed that Good Times burgers is closed. Like PERMANENTLY closed. Sorry you didn't get to try that place...they had good burgers. My kids decided that being right next to Chick-fil-A was the reason--bad location! Ha.

Also, I have been to Hu Hot. Wasn't too impressed...their meat tasted too artificial or something to me. And that french restaurant used to be called something else and was very good. Not sure if it's under new ownership or what.

Are you discovering new things in a new part of town? We LOVE downtown Co Springs...and you're much closer now, aren't you?