Wednesday, September 21, 2011

happy fall!

My favorite season is here at last!

I look forward to seeing what it is like in Colorado.

What is your favorite season?


photo taken November 2007 by Adrian in Pittsburgh


Ashley said...

You are probably beginning to see the beauty of the Aspen Glow!:) If you get a chance take a drive up to Cripple Creek during this time...the trees are amazing on that trip!

Karen said...

I love spring and summer, but you must be rubbing off on me because I am beginning ot enjoy fall as well. Can winter be far behind. I, like Ashley, was going to say that you need to drive up to Cripple Creek and see the fall colors. You can check the internet for the best viewing times. I think it is usually the first two weekends in October.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Fall is my favorite season. Definitely!

I was in Colorado one autumn at the peak of the aspen leaves changing. It was breathtaking!

Dave and Judy said...

My favorite viewing season would probably be fall. I enjoy snow but not all of the time. You will so enjoy the views for the Springs.