Wednesday, November 2, 2011

back to that carpet

When we were looking at the house, Adrian realized from seeing hardwood flooring in the coat closet, that there were probably hardwoods on the main floor under the carpet.

After eating in a carpeted dining room with a little one in our Texas apt. we knew that we really wanted to take advantage of those hardwood floors in the dining room.

We were prepared to refinish them.

The first thing we did after closing was go to our new house!

Adrian broke out a crowbar and began peeling back the carpet to see what we were working with.

What a blessing to discover that there indeed hardwood floors beneath the brand new carpet and that they were in GREAT condition!

This is a shot taken while standing in the living room looking into the dining room and the sunroom beyond.

We plan to use the carpet from the dining room in a space that we will be converting into a second guest room/home office. Yea!

And just for fun, a few more pics . . .

the fireplace wall in the living room

and the dining room as the house was staged before we moved in


Mindy S. said...

You are teasing us with all these before pictures. :-) I can't wait to see how YOU have decorated it. And now that I have seen the fireplace I am very you have any plans for your handy husband to build a mantel to go over it or do you like it as is?

gail said...

how wonderful to find wood floors! i am wondering if we live near each other...i have floors, and a fireplace, that resemble yours :)