Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today I wanted to share two e books with you that I have recently stumbled across.

The first is one that I am doing for myself and very much enjoying so far.
It is called An Everyday Advent and it has four sections, one for each week for you to read from the Bible and questions to ponder. I am excited about focusing my heart in this way at this time of year.

The other is called Truth in the Tinsel and is for David and I to do together. I really like the simple and easy format of it. It has a passage of scripture to read with your child everyday. I have read to David out of storybook Bibles so far in his life but never once have I read straight out of scripture to him. It was exciting today to get out his little Bible that he was given by our church family in Dallas at his baby dedication and talk about the Bible and sing a little cradle roll song about the Bible and then to show him my Bible side by side (his only has the New Testament or I would have read directly out of his - today's reading was from Isaiah) and then read the passage of scripture out loud with him.

Each day has a simple ornament craft for you to make with your child so that they can focus on details of the story as they begin to internalize it all and it gives big and little hands something to do while you talk about the story. I really like the way the author, Amanda, has written the "talking it through" part.

My little guy is not very into crafty things at this point so I plan to do a few simple ones but also just play with different objects (today a flashlight instead of a candle craft, as well as practicing blowing out a candle and looking at one) as we go through it. I am excited about this way to teach David the story of Christ coming to earth to be *with us* and as the most amazing gift ever *for us*.

In no way am I receiving any compensation for reviewing these e books nor do I receive anything if you buy one of them. I just wanted to share these great (and inexpensive, each under $5!) resources with you in case you would enjoy using them this season. If you do, I'd love to hear about your experiences with them.

Merry Christmas!


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