Wednesday, December 7, 2011

tree cutting expedition 2011

This picture was taken while we were still all having fun.

Good memories!

Do you have your tree yet?

Are you putting up a tree this year?

If all goes as planned tonight is decorate the tree night at our house.



Jenni said...

You know me.....mine has been up and decorated since before Thanksgiving! :-) Party day is fast approaching so I'm spending every minute getting ready for that.....

gail said...

my husband and kids have cut down a forest tree the past 2 years...this past weekend was just too cold and no one wanted to do that, lol. we bought a beautiful one in town this year!

Deborah said...

That looks like something from a magazine!! I love the cold red nose on that red-headed boy (and his momma!!)--precious.

Yes, our tree is up, and it very much looks like three boys decorated it...and I'm okay with that!

Karen said...

Glad you took the picture while he was still a happy camper.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Love this happy photo of the two of you!!