Thursday, December 8, 2011

decorating the tree

Last night was tree decorating night at our house.

I have never really had it be an "event" before.

In the back of my mind I tried to have low expectations after reading Ashley's excellent post but truth be told I was pretty excited and hoping for a great time.

I have to say it was GREAT! I won't expect it to be "just so" every year but we had so much fun this year!

David was really into it.

He loved putting the ornaments that look like blocks on especially and he kept saying "block". It was the cutest thing.

All of the breakables went on the top.

We ordered pizza for dinner to make it feasible to start decorating the tree before David got fussy.

I hope your preparations are merry and bright and that you enjoy this season even if it has ups and downs.



The Tiny Homestead said...

hi, thanks for stopping over to TTH. I love your tree. It's so open and airy.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Sissy loved decorating the tree too, although she never actually put a single ornament ON the tree. She did, however, remove a lot of them from boxes, carry them around the house, and take them off the tree.

gail said...

lovely shots, the lighting is so nice in the photos.

Karen said...

Christmas is just magical with little ones around.