Wednesday, December 14, 2011

kid crafty stuff

Remember how I told you about Truth in the Tinsel?

Well, on day two we made a crown ornament.

I decided that painting and gluing rhinestones was beyond us at the moment but I thought that learning to roll would be really good.

My little mister was very intrigued by the big bag of glitter I gave him.

We rolled our toilet paper tube crown in glue and then glitter and talked about how Jesus is King.

It will be fun to look back at this little crown hanging on our tree year after year and remember how David made it when he was really little. I guess it's the first craft he's made that I'll keep. (The pumpkin we painted rotted after a while and he did paint on paper once but I'll probably just photograph it and throw it away.)

Also, have you seen that ingenious felt tree floating around on pinterest?

I made a version and he likes to play with it from time to time.

Super cheap, easy and fun activity.

My smart friend Julie made a mini version that fits in a ziploc to take on a plane to occupy her little ones!

Happy crafting!



Karen said...

Love the way you are teaching him about God so creatively.

Julie P. said...

He sure does have some cute Christmas Pajamas! :) Ditto what Karen said, and thank you for sharing, you are giving me ideas for my kiddos too. I have been thinking about doing the giant tree too.

oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

I love it! The glitter was perfect--I love the rolling.

SO CUTE! Thank you for sharing. :)