Tuesday, March 29, 2016

dyeing eggs 2016 edition

On Good Friday Nana came over to visit so I decided to seize the moment of having another adult around to do our egg dyeing!  

Unfortunately ALL of our pictures with Nana in them are out of focus but I had to include ONE to show she was here!!  In this photo she is teaching David just like she once taught me about dipping an egg in different colors on either end to make a tri-color egg (white in the middle).  

For whatever reason our egg boiling and dying did not go all that well.  The kids had fun but the eggs weren't all the way cooked (as we found out when two fell on the floor) the dye colors came out really wonky, etc.  

After dyeing eggs traditionally, I decided to try out an idea I'd seen online.  Volcano egg dyeing!  

Cora is pouring her baking soda into her bowl herself.  

Mixing up some baking soda paint.  

After you paint your egg with the baking soda "paint" you pour vinegar over it!  

It was exciting and way less messy than the other way and also turned out some pretty and unique eggs!  I would definitely do it this way again.  

Do you have any egg dyeing traditions?  

Is there anyone reading who has never dyed eggs?



Ashli K said...

I have a few memories of dyeing eggs, but I have to be honest I don't get the appeal. I know that is so sad for my kids. Fortunately Grammy (my mother-in-law) is the egg dyeing queen and my kids get that experience when we go to Idaho for Easter.

rebecca said...

the volcano thing looks like a lot of fun! I haven't died eggs since about the time your husband left home : ) Besides, I saw the Ukrainian pizanki eggs and felt completely inadequate. But that's not a kid-friendly activity, between the hot wax and the precision. Maybe someday I'll try them...