Saturday, March 5, 2016

Recap of Love Month

There was much to love about February around our parts this year.  

We started the month with a huge snow storm that was a lot of fun and then all of my aunts and uncles on my mom's side came into town to celebrate my uncle's retirement.  We had a great time!  

One day was a nice quiet day at home of schooling and hanging out and during nap/"quiet alone time" in the afternoon I was on the couch with my Bible and journal and looked up and noticed the sun coming in warming our wood floors in the dining room and it made me so happy.  

My collection of Anthropologie latte bowls from my single days (collection started at my first Anthropologie visit in NYC back in 2001 when we literally stumbled into one just trying to get out of the rain and then looked around in wonder marveling at the place we had just discovered!) is meeting a slow death due to breakage around these parts but I'm enjoying the ones that are left.  

I love cooking with this little helper.  She LOVES to cook.  Lately her passions have been splashing around in baths, cooking and being read to on the couch.  She could spend all her days doing those three.  

When Adrian and I were engaged we used to go to a Joe's Pizza that is sadly now closed.  They had lasagna pizza and it was soo good!  One night for our "couch night date" at home I tried my hand at creating a lasagna pizza that was delicious!  

At the beginning of the month I got to watch the If:Gathering online as well as attending an If:Local Gathering with some women in Monument.  I had never met any of them but they were so welcoming and nice.  If you have never participated in an If:Gathering, I highly recommend it!  

That same weekend Adrian got to go on a hut trip with a bunch of guys from church. They did back country skiing and all kinds of stuff.  

This little girl loves life.  

and she LOVES her big cousin Caleb.  Whenever we are with them he will buckle her into the car when we leave which is super special to her.  

I am loving this baby doll stage.  

Fantastic words on love 

These two LOVE each other.  On "Nana School" days, Cora and I go to the mall to meet Nana and Nana and I walk to get exercise in the mornings first thing while Cora rides in her stroller before playing in the play area.  On this day we also met back up at the mall for lunch before I took Cora home.  :) 

sweet signs of Valentines around our house

celebrating Valentine's Day with our worship minister and his family with homemade chocolate pudding 

words that especially hit me during rehearsal for our "coffeehouse worship" night

I love these two taking in art at the Fine Arts Center with friends on free day this month

more great words on love discovered while using my Write the Word journal from my friend Emily 

I went to get blood work done early one morning this month before my yearly physical.  Adrian was at home with the kids but was working so we needed them to be self-sufficient for a little while till I got back.  It is fun to have a reader now so that I could leave David a note with instructions for when they woke up.  

Having bigger kids is fun!  

We had a family movie night and watched Cinderella recently.  My kids LOVED it!  

After hearing about it at Sally Clarkson's Mom Heart Conference, I checked Roxaboxen out of the library and read it to my kids.  They loved it and ever since David has been spending quite a bit of time playing outside (thanks to the warmer weather we've been having too!).  On this day I looked out and saw this and it made my heart happy.  

I also LOVE seeing these two outside together!  

Some February decor 

and a happy heart I noticed in my charger cable

Also, on the week of Valentine's Day, Nana got to go and read to David's class.  Fun times and memories.  

How was your February?