Friday, March 11, 2016

why hello, nice to meet you!

In October I will have been blogging (consistently and inconsistently) for 9 years.

So why an introduction of sorts??

Well Kelly Stamps the blog's author is resurrecting a series on Fridays called Show Us Your Life (SUYL).  I thought I'd play along from time to time as I have been enjoying blogging again lately. 

Today's theme is simply an introduction of yourself.  

For those of you I haven't met at all, my name is Kelly.

I live in Colorado but never dreamed I would.

I was born in Houston, TX and also lived in Lewisville, TX for 12 years.

I married at 32 to a wonderful man named Adrian who I met on eharmony.  :)

We have two kids, David, 5 and Cora, 2.  

(photo summer 1999, Amalfi Coast, Italy) 

I am quite fond of ice cream/gelato/you name it.  

I am loyal to Blue Bell but most often eat Ben and Jerry's right now.  

Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core and Half-Baked are two flavors in high rotation right now.

Another favorite when I'm in Portland or L.A. is Salt and Straw

My "local" (Denver) favorite is High Point Creamery

Last summer I attempted homemade dairy free ice cream (my kids have food allergies) in my kitchen and it was DELICIOUS!  Can't wait to try more flavors this summer.

Travel is part of our family DNA.  

It is something we prioritize and put time, energy, effort, budget, etc. on.  

We can skip other things.  

Both of our kids have passports and have used them.

I'll be the first to admit, I think I was pretty stingy as a kid.  I hoarded construction paper (as if my parents wouldn't have bought me more!).  

I seek and desire to be generous and live open handed.  

This blogpost has been a huge perspective shift for me.

I haven't even seen most of it coming but God has really done some amazing work in my life making me more generous, more open, more like He created me to be.

I am passionate about advocating for those without a voice.  

Specifically I get super excited about creating JOBS that bring HOPE to people in impoverished countries without access to clean water. 

I also get fire in my belly over the work being done (and the fact that it even exists and needs to be done!) by IJM and have participated in Dressember for two years now.   

And speaking of change in one's life, I am noticing all kinds of crazy to me change in my own life lately.  

Things that were on my definite "do not prefer" list previously have become things that I really like and want.  Crazy!

Root Beer
the color purple

Also, I went from being a purely social coffee drinker (and barista please be sure to add every sweet, fat, milky addition to my drink) to really liking coffee for coffee!

The photo above is from last fall in Italy when I drank my first espresso!  

Since then I have had coffee with no sugar but cream and also black coffee!!  

Not that big a deal but fun things to notice. 

Maybe my taste buds are changing, Mom!

Oh and I also would normally never dream of going out for breakfast and not ordering the sweetest confection on the menu . . . pancakes are usually at the top of my list.

Recently I went to Jelly Cafe with Adrian and ordered the ultimate biscuits and gravy!  (and they were delicious!)  Anything can happen!  

And this morning!  I am about to go to Waffle House.  I have been to Waffle House exactly once before about 20 years ago and planned to NEVER go back but my husband happens to like it and so do good friends so here we go!  AND I'm looking forward to it!

I am also a homeschooling mom, a title I never thought I would hold.

In fact when Adrian and I were dating there was a conversation we had where I told him that I did NOT plan to homeschool so I hoped that was okay with him.  :) 

Shortly after we were married God began to grow a passion for it inside me and I couldn't be happier with this journey we are on!  

I really enjoy dating my husband and definitely feel like I need that in this season.  

I am a lover of things vintage and am a frugal shopper.  

I couldn't help trying on this fun vintage dress in a thrift store on my birthday trip to Boulder last summer but I didn't buy it.  

Seasons come and go and right now I am in a season of really watching where our money is going and trying to be as frugal as possible in many areas (to be able to have more freedom of choice in other areas!)

One of the areas that I have grown a lot in (again, thanks to God's Hand on my life and His guidance and blessings because it has kind of snuck up on me) is that I think I can finally call myself a cook. 

I used to only be able to cook if I had a recipe and I followed it EXACTLY. 

If I was in a position of needing to "think up" something for dinner without going to the grocery store it literally made me feel intensely uncomfortable. 

Now I feel so much more confident in combining things, throwing in spices/seasonings, experimenting, using up leftovers or what we already have in the house and making some tasty meals.  

I kind of feel like a "real" grown-up.  :) 

I also am a  pretty mean vegan baker now if I do say so myself thanks to my kids' food allergies.  

I enjoy taking photographs and blogging but I have set much of that aside lately in this season of raising young kids but I am enjoying inching back into it.  

If you have a blog I would love for you to comment and I can click over and "meet you" too! 



Jenni said...

I loved reading all this ..... I miss having real life time with you!

April said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad to "meet" you and that see another family in the same stage of parenting as us. :) Blessings!

Elizabeth said...

Found you through the blog link up! We plan on homeschooling our kids too! I need to know how you balance it all =). Isn't it funny the things we say we would NEVER do that God just laughs and says oh really? watch this. I've eaten my words a time or two as well.

Kori said...

Isn't it amazing how different we are from what we were and from what we thought we would be?!

Jessica H said...

Loved reading this post. You have such a joy and glow about you!