Friday, March 11, 2016

Foodie Friday

This was my breakfast last Friday.  It was SUPER yummy.  

I got the book Family Feasts for $75 a Week by Mary Ostyn from the library and I have really been enjoying it.  It has been encouraging me to save on our food budget in small ways.  I have been cooking through the breakfast section this week and this is the Maple Morning Polenta!  

I made it for breakfast Thursday morning.  

Thursday mornings are our "school mornings".  As we are homeschooling this year we "do school" most everyday including Saturdays it seems because it is fun doing various science experiments, etc. with Dad on the weekend but on Thursdays David goes to a one day a week public school Kindergarten for homeschooling families and Cora goes to "Nana School" on Thursdays giving me a nice day to run errands, get things done around the house, have a lunch date with Adrian, etc.  

Anyway, Thursdays are pretty rushed for us.  Ideally we would leave the house at 7:25 on Thursday mornings to drive the 15-20 minutes to school and my kids usually wake up around 7:00.  Sometimes I wake them up early but that usually results in grumpiness that makes the morning even harder.  

So . . . I measured out most all of the ingredients the night before and then made it up Thursday morning before school.  It was really yummy.  There were leftovers so I heated some of those up Friday morning with frozen blueberries, pecans, maple syrup and some cream cheese.  SUPER yummy!  

Last weekend Adrian and I got to go on a 19 hour date!  We had such a good time!  My parents graciously kept our children and we drove to Denver to use a free hotel night we had.  

We ate dinner at Rusty Taco which is soo good!  Especially the Texican and breakfast the next morning at Jelly Cafe.  So tasty!  They have doughnut holes fried right on the spot and we ordered a set of four.  I also got the ultimate biscuits and gravy which was delicious!  I rarely order a savory for breakfast but I am so glad that's what I picked.  

I was laughing at myself though because I had three beverages!  We walked over from the hotel, 20 minutes or so, and so I wanted a big glass of water but I'd also been craving orange juice since the night before so I ordered that AND I've kind of turned a corner on my coffee consumption lately.  I used to only really be a "social" coffee drinker and definitely fancied up with lots of milk/syrups/whipped cream, etc.  

Lately, I have been wanting coffee a lot more and have drunk it without sugar and even completely straight up black!  

Maybe it's a change associated with approaching my 40s . . . 

Speaking of coffee . . . I had to take a picture of this girl drinking what looks like coffee :)  (it's actually prune juice and almond milk because we are having those sorts of issues at our house right now) :( 

But last week she didn't have "Nana School" and I took her with me to the coffee shop where I often go when I have time by myself and as we were getting out she said, "I wish I could have coffee."  And because she thinks that you get everything (like going to Kindergarten, etc.) when you turn five like Brother, she said, "I have coffee when I five?!"  And I had to say "no, you can have coffee when you're a grown up!"  :) :)

Okay, these might be gross and I know it is probably overpriced marketing mumbo jumbo but I spotted this at King Soopers on Thursday and I kind of want one in my Easter basket.  :) 

My mom bought these jars for me and I really like them.  I have started storing a lot of my grains and dry goods in jars and we are using a lot more of them these days because we got a pressure cooker.  I'll admit, I wasn't really on board at first but it has revolutionized dinner at our house lately.

I like that it is "hands off" like the crockpot but I don't even have to plan ahead like I do for the crockpot!  An hour or two before I want to be eating I can grab meat straight out of the freezer and/or dry beans and just throw them in and cook!  I am really loving it.  

Also to love is asparagus season!  

and friends who come over to help you bake your first cherry pie (which happens to be your husband's favorite but you've never yet made it in 7 years of marriage!  

It was a winner!  Thank you, Megan!!

a yummy, frugal dinner recently - chicken thighs thrown into the pressure cooker with the last of two bottles of bbq sauce that were just hanging out in the fridge and some water - super tender and good! - quinoa, grated carrot, Worcestershire sauce, some super seed blend (chia, sesame and flax for good fiber), vinegar, a few leftover veggies, etc. thrown into the rice cooker which turned out to be delicious!  and asparagus roasted with olive oil and a little seasoning

Two cute little non-dairy cherry pies served a la mode with coconut milk ice cream

Have you been doing any cooking lately?  Tried a new restaurant?  Would you try Peeps milk? Do you have a pressure cooker and have any suggestions for me?  I'm still learning!  

Happy Weekend!  


cute girlie eating her pie


Mindy S. said...

You beat me on the cherry pie. It is also Jes' favorite, but I have never made one for him until this past Thanksgiving--after 15 years of marriage.

Melissa said...

I'm going to have to vote no on the Peeps milk! Ewww!
(But I don't care for candy Peeps either, so...)

I'd LOVE any good pressure cooker recipes you may have found. We've had one over a year now and I used it at first, but now it's in the basement. :/