Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cashew pie

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I have already had one Thanksgiving meal with my family and look forward to another with my boyfriend's family here in Pittsburgh, PA tomorrow. I love fall as I've already mentioned on this blog before. I love many, many holiday foods but I happen to not actually love pecan pie. (Although I am told on wonderful authority that my sister-in-law, Mandy's was absolutely incredible last weekend!!!) Nor pumpkin pie, nor gingerbread . . . so this time of year a lot of the traditional flavors for sweets don't really appeal to me. Now on one hand this shouldn't be a problem as I am not lacking in calories to consume. I admit to having had a milk chocolate cupcake this morning for breakfast! (more on that later :) but I had to bypass the other flavors of gingerbread, pumpkin spice and pecan pie to get there. So, here is what occurred to my curious mind on the flight out here as A was happily devouring his "take away" piece of Mandy's pecan pie, what about cashew pie???!!! Is there such a thing? Has anyone concocted this delicacy yet? Now here's the thing, I like pecans, so it's not that I just want a pecan pie with cashews in place of the pecans. It's that golden gobbledy goop that holds the pecans to the crust and which many other people love that doesn't get me excited. So, loyal readers, any ideas or suggestions on creating a yummy cashew pie? Just wondering. Thanks. Kelly

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