Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Hello lovely readers, I have decided that I would like to make it known that I am somewhat at a blog identity crisis. I am not terribly upset about it just thought I should be forthcoming. Do I want to be a food blog, a thrifting blog, a crafty blog, a homelife blog, a blog that shares news of my sweetheart, a blog to keep up with family and friends, a travel blog, what? Well, I suppose I will just do them all and call it life and hope that it is not too disjointed for my readers. Hope everyone is well! Kelly


Jenni said...

life blogging is what I love.....all the pieces and part of life is what makes blogs interesting to me.... :-)

Tracey said...

This is precisely what has kept me from starting my own blog! Thank you for being so transparent! Part of what I love about your blog is that it is all of those things rather than just one!