Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Isn't that a cute name for a cupcake place? I like it. Dozen is Pittsburgh's answer to the cupcake craze that's sweeping America. They are YUMMY! Their flavors are very inventive and every single one I've tasted is good. They make an excellent buttercream. A and I first discovered this place on our first trip to Pittsburgh together in April while walking around Squirrel Hill. It is within easy walking distance of his parent's house and yet far enough that you feel somewhat justified in the calories you're about to partake in. I really like the vintage look and feel of the place. Deep storefront window with a cute display always on hand. Vintage hand mixers line one wall of the small space and an old wooden ironing board used to serve as the coffee bar. Today however I discovered they had replaced it with a little cabinet. They have crystal clear glass walls separating the customer from the confections and cute little white step stools for the kiddies to climb up for better peering vantage points.

A fun serendipity of today was to discover the new map that is hanging on the wall with push pins and the caption "Where have our cupcakes gone?" That is because of us! A and I! In August when we were here we were getting cupcakes to go for our drive back to Missouri. One of the owners mentioned that they should have a map showing where all their cupcakes have traveled and sure enough, now they do! We found our pin and told today's workers behind the counter our part in the map's inception. So fun!

We were planning to go today all along but this morning when I first saw A he asked me if I wanted to go to Dozen for breakfast! Um, yes! So I got a milk chocolate and it was quite yummy!

p.s. why will blogger not load my photos right side up?????