Sunday, November 4, 2007

Thrifty goods!

This was our family's annual Canton girls weekend. We had a great time and enjoyed being all together! I got quite a few goodies! Here they are and then I'm headed to bed!

Oh yeah, items bought: about 80! ;) Price of most expensive single item: $12 Cheapest items: 20 for a dollar! :) oops, scratch that, I did get two items for nada!!! Free, free, free!

I don't know why but I always look for a price on fixtures like this and they're never for sale but this one was, for only $3! I'll put a picture in it or a scripture or a little sign or something! The possibilities are endless! :)

aw man! i'm really too tired to rotate this tonight, maybe tomorrow. tiny vintage trees and deer and mini violins! :)

cast iron and steel letter and numeral, oh my!

bundt pan to use as a bell in music class, merry as in Christmas, baby carriage wheels, $1 cool turquoise tinsel wreath, milk glass collection and bottles for projects!

shiny brites with a beautiful patina!

I finally started a milk glass collection to put votives inside for lovely glowing effects. I was so excited to find the footed one similar to Julie's
I have grand plans for it at Christmastime too!

lovely lake across from the picnic area where I spent some quiet time this morning.

overview of my treasures!

my $3 vintage deer! what a great price and how stately he'll look with a wreath around his neck! As always I love the bottle brush trees. A new cake stand to add to my collection and airmail envelopes! Yea! Only a dollar for the bunch! And there are my vintage minis.

A basket for my friend Erin and two spools of crochet thread that the lady just GAVE me! How terrific!

$8 candleabra! I'm so excited! I really like it!

taking a time out this morning

door header for $5

oops gotta rotate this one too! I got an Arkansas plate to add to my collection. Yea for my alma mater!

such great finds! what a neat weekend!
Hope your's was good as well!


julie (jane's apron) said...

ahh...vintage christmas ornaments and milk glass...two of my favorites!

Jenni said...

how fun!!! can't wait to see the goodies in use!! :-)

Sarah B said...

Just found your blog! I am amazed at what you bought at Canton, because I'm sure I would have walked by all of it without even noticing - but they were treasures to you! I continue to be inspired by your creativity :)

Deborah said...

I miss going to Canton! And it makes me laugh to see what you "picked up" while you were there. I'm sure you would've thought I was missing out because I never ventured to the "junk" area. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, my friend.

Regina said...

Oh Kelly, you are SOO creative!! There are some amazing Amish market places up here, but I've only gotten to visit once. I've tried to get back but have yet to make it....which is probably a good thing... ;)