Sunday, November 11, 2007

Little Swedes :)

The title of this post is what my mom asked if A and I were turning into as I told her about our lovely Sunday today. As has become tradition since his moving here, A cooks breakfast for us a lot on the weekends. He made Swedish pancakes yesterday morning which are truly terrific and more filling or perhaps just stick with you longer than regular pancakes. I asked him if he would share his recipe with you, dear readers, and here it is! I highly recommend it!

Swedish Pancakes
Serves 3-4

3 eggs
2 cups flour (approx.)
2 1/4 cups milk
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla sugar (or just plain vanilla)
1-2 tbsp liquid margarine, or melted butter
butter to fry

Beat eggs and flour in a stand mixer until smooth,
and gradually add the milk. Add salt and vanilla sugar.
Make sure you have no lumps!
Leave the batter for at least an hour, to rest.

Then fry thin pancakes in butter - buttering between every
third pancake should be enough - on medium high heat.
Don't put too much batter in the pan - they should be thin.
Fry until the bottom is golden,
then flip using a large spatula.
It's really not very difficult, so don't be afraid.

We had the leftovers this morning before church and enjoyed them
immensely. A has actually made the Swedish pancakes for us twice.
The other time we had them with lemon squeezed on and regular white sugar.
This time we had them with brown sugar, sour cream (vanilla yogurt when we
ran out of sour cream this morning) and strawberries. All were yummy!

A about to flip a pancake!

There he goes!

Swedish pancake breakfast, Saturday, October 13, 2007

Swedish pancakes with lemon and sugar! Yum! :)

Swedish pancake breakfast, Saturday, November 10, 2007

brown sugar! :)

So then this morning as I'm getting ready for church I get hit with an organizational craving
and I think of how A and I have been talking about going to IKEA together sometime.
He wants to get me one of their non-stick pans for better pancake making!
So we decide to further our Swedish culinary day and go straight after church and eat lunch there too.

We had a five course meal for only $17 something!
A wonderful sparkling peach drink, Greek salad
with lots of feta and good cucumbers, broccoli cheese soup,

caprese for only $2.99!

their Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and a rich chocolate cake!

And finally, here is the finished product of my newly organized
vintage linens, festive tablecloths, family heirlooms, etc. :)


Sarah B said...

I'm sold on the Swedish if I could just find a man to make them for me! :) Looks like a lovely day.

Ashley said...

Wow!! I am really impressed with his culinary skills!:) I made Belgium waffles for my sweetie on Saturday but discovered after the first bite that I had forgotten the oil!! Much healthier but really werid tasting!!

Karen said...

OK, I have a great idea after looking at your pictures of the Swedish pancakes. I think that Adrian needs to bring his chef hat and your nonstick pan to Friendswood this weekend. We all need to taste this culinary delight!

Can't wait to see you both.

Deborah said...

Once again, I'm very impressed... long as he doesn't TAKE you to Sweden...Texas is already too far from me!!