Monday, June 8, 2009

hApPy SuMmEr!!!

It's finally here!!!


I am soooooooo happy to be out of school I can't even tell you!!!

I am so excited to be the homemaker, not the leave the house in the seven o'clock hour get home at 3 something or 4 something and then be the homemaker after teaching hundreds of kids everyday and having a lot of my energy sapped, but the home all day homemaker.

Laundry, cooking, planning meals, reading, organizing, nesting, decorating, garage/estate/thrift shopping, friend & family visiting, Bible studying, traveling, crafting, blogging, sleeping in, working out, home-making here I come!

photos: yummy raspberry sorbet made by my wonderful husband


Gina said...

Oh YUMMY!!! That sorbet looks delicious! Way to go hubby :)

And what a blessing to be able to stay in and be a summer homemaker. I'm counting the days until sweet baby Jacob arrives and I get to be a happy homemaker for 3 months.

Enjoy your MUCH deserved summer respite.

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

What a great husband! That sorbet looks "yummy," and how thoughtful of him! :)

I enjoyed your previous post on the porch makeover. The pots look so cute and I love the vintage white chair with the number 3! ...a sweet, relaxing sanctuary! ~Rhonda :)

Lorilee said...

Hi Kelly,
That sorbet looks delicious. I have never made any. Is it hard? I feel the same way you do about summer. I don't teach hundreds of children--I teach 2 classes of 4-year-olds each day. I have the same plans that you have with some sewing and extra clogging practice thrown in!

Rachel said...

I hope you soak in every moment of your summer! Enjoy that sorbet! It looks great!

Jessica Morris said...

YAY for the summer home-maker time :)

That sorbet does look really yummy!

Jacquie said...

Yea for summer and time off! I want some of that dessert!

~MG said...

Aren't you an exuberant homemaker?! I hope summer lasts and lasts for you.