Friday, June 19, 2009


We went to Nashville!

We left Dallas and drove to TN and had dinner, visited and spent the night with my aunt, uncle and cousins. It was so wonderful. Family is just one of the most special things ever. Then we drove on to Nashville to meet up with a whole slew of friends from college days. It was SUCH fun! Thank you all for making the effort to come! It was WONDERFUL to see you. I feel so good after spending time with you. It is terrific.

We ate at the Pancake Pantry. A girl we met on a plane a few weeks ago had told us about it and who knew we'd make it there so soon! I had the sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon cream syrup - um yum!

Have you ever been to the Pancake Pantry?
What did you get?
What is your favorite kind of pancakes? Do you make them at home or get them out?
What is your favorite breakfast restaurant and where is it?



Jenni said...

Sounds yummy.....I couldn't remember the track of your road trip/grand tour of the US....can't wait to hear more!

Fav pancake is chocolate chip (but NOT at IHOP), primarily at home.

BR said...

pumpkin waffles at home with cinnamon butter.
Nashville sounds super fun.
lv u

~MG said...

You road-tripped all the way to Nashville?! That's a doozy of a road trip!

I've never been to the Pancake Pantry but have seen it featured on the food network and/or travel channel. From what I've heard it really is THAT good!

Rachel said...

That sounds SO yummy! Glad you had a great trip. Jeremy's sister and her fam live in Bowling Green and that is only an hour from Nashville. We will have to eat there next time we are in that neck of the woods!