Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the missing piece

I had a lot of fun creating last night.

This morning I am taking advantage of less than 1oo degrees outside yet to get some painting done. (sidenote: what makes spray paint bubble up sometimes and how do you keep that from happening and if it's already happened is there anything do be done about it? Thanks!)

I picked up this piece to paint.

As I was cleaning it I saw a square mark on the bottom where it wasn't stained. Something had attached to it before.

hmmm . . .

I had decided to find a little Christmas tree, paint it and make it a stand for the tree.

Turns out . . .

It's part of the same piece!

So, anybody recognize this thing?

What was it's original use do you think?

I think I am still going to use them separately.

More painting, a trip to Dillards and possibly sushi tonight (for Adrian, I'll order something cooked!) are on the menu for me today. What about you? Have a good one! Kelly

p.s. If you will, please say a prayer for traveling mercies for some of my family today who are driving a moving truck cross country! Thanks! I appreciate it. Kelly

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Karen said...

Thanks for the prayers.