Monday, July 13, 2009

now do you know?

where the last stop of our mammoth road trip was and where I spent my birthday?

this cutie was in on all the action

sweet sisters sharing dunkin' donuts and iced coffees
(um, note this was our mid-morning snack AFTER my sweet brother made breakfast for us all including toast smothered in the huckleberry jam they brought back from their trip to Montana)
we all garage sale shopped together

Caleb got a pirate hat

and I don't have a picture of it, but a sweet 90 year old lady named Bernice prayed over me while we were shopping at her garage sale! She didn't even know it was my birthday. It was amazing and precious and a treasured experience.

We got ice cream at Maggie Moos! Chocolate cake batter is my favorite!

AND there was this gorgeous double rainbow

So where do you think we were?



Tiffany said...


Mindy S. said...

I know! I know! But I am not going to give it away for all your readers. That first picture is SO good. You will have to make copies of that for your family who couldn't be there.

Jenni said...

I know!! How fun that you got to spend your bday with Caleb and fam....

Karen said...

Mindy's right. The first picture is precious! Can't wait for you to visit us there.

Justin and Jenn said...

I love me some Maggie Moo's too! Sweet cream with strawberries is my all time favorite!

rebecca said...

I think that rather than a Rocky Mountain High you were having a Rocky Road high - sugar all the way, baby! : )

Love from the MIL