Wednesday, July 8, 2009

windmill arms

Remember this post with those giant windmills in Kansas?

Two summers ago my mom and I were on an antiquing girls trip.

In Hillsboro, TX we saw an 18 wheeler stopped in the town square with this HUGE thing strapped to it that sort of reminded me of a whale or a dolphin.

I had NO IDEA what is was. Finally, my curiosity got to me enough to go over and ask the driver (who was standing around waiting for a mechanic or someone to show up) and he told me that it was an ARM for one of those windmills. It doesn't look that big when it is way high up but it sure does when it's down near the ground!

Crazy, huh?



Mindy S. said...

We saw trucks carrying those all the time when we lived in Arkansas. We could not figure out what they were. Now we see them here in Tulsa too. I guess they actually manufacture them around here somewhere, and then of course western OK also has many wind farms. They are amazingly huge. When I saw the picture of the wind farm on your post I thought maybe you were in western OK. :-)

Candace said...

That's crazy! Who would've thought? Glad you asked.

Gina said...

Wow Kelly, that is so neat! See, that's why I love road trips so much... you can see some truly amazing things that you never would have thought of. Thank you for sharing your travels and your stories with all of us out in blog land...