Sunday, July 5, 2009

this is an easy one

Okay, this is an easy one.

This was our next place.

Do you know what city and state this is?

Have you ever been here?

What are some of your favorite things to do here?

Places to eat?

People to see?



Jenni said...

I know, I know!! It is St Louis! And yes, I've been there, though it was quite a while ago, so I don't remember too much. We did go up in the arch and, though I enjoyed it, I don't think I need to do that again....

Sandi said...

My favorites are the zoo (fun and free) and the science museum (also free). Dave and I have spent the past 3 anniversaries (if not 4) in different parts of St. Louis and have had fun exploring -- we are easy to please. Another favorite is the Soulard Market -- very fun!

Karen said...

St. Louis, Mo. And yes, I have been there. Did I ever tell you that I thought you went up to the top of the arch on the outside like a roller coaster. You've probably heard that story a million times. My favorite was seeing the Mississippi river with chunks of ice in it. Hey, maybe I'll like cold weather after all.

Rachel said...

St Louis, MO! We have been through there several times when we did youth ministry in Springfield. That is where we took the youth group to go to Six Flags!!`

Kelly and Brad said...

Wow! I had fun looking around your blog....especially your wedding pics. You are like a Martha Stewart!!! WOW!! Fun times and blessings!