Saturday, April 17, 2010

changing table

I thought I'd take a few more pics of the nursery since I haven't posted much about it.

It is perfectly ready to bring a baby home to but there are also things that are not done yet so I'm mostly taking detail shots as opposed to big picture shots. :)

Adrian built this changing table for us. I really like it a lot!

Do you have any furniture in your own home that has a history or a story?
I'd love to hear about it.



Lana said...

Jim's dad made a changing table when Jenni was born to go with the baby bed we had. It morphed through the years after it had done its duty for both our girls to toy shelf and sewing room shelf then to Jenni's apartment for a TV shelf for awhile before being turned back into a changing table for Emily!

Mindy S. said...

I have two glass front bookcases that my mother's father built. He died when my mother was only 5 years old. He signed and dated the backs (1944 or 1945--I can't remember right now). During our tornado one of them was near a window and the glass was broken out of the doors and there was a lot of glass imbeded in the wood frame. We had the glass replaced and it was refinished but it still has it scars if you look closely. I like to think that it just adds to its character--and it certainly tells a story.

Jes has also built a set of bunk beds for our two big girls. I hope that one day those are a treasured heirloom to our girls.

Isn't it fun having a husband who can build things that will hopefully one day become family treasures?

Dianna Robbins said...

Marla showed me your blog. Everything looks ready and cute. We want to see the whole changing table to see Adrian's handiwork. I'm voting for April 20th--my birthday.

Karen said...

I have lots of furniture that was my grandmother's. It makes me happy to have history in my home. My favorite piece of furniture with a story is my Murphy Bed. I found it in Chatanooga, Tennessee and your dad worked his magic and got it to Houston for me. I love it even when your brother calls it the "death trap."

Candace said...

That's so cool that your husband made the changing table. Impressive.

We have too many peices in our house with a story but the only one my husband built for me is an end table. He made it out of scrap firewood. I love it!