Sunday, April 4, 2010

today's dessert

it was absolutely amazing!

strawberry souffle

such a sweet treat to share with my wonderful husband on our Easter lunch/half anniversary/possibly last one before the baby comes date . . .

all photos by Adrian

also, remember this post?

I'm a new aunt as of last night!!

We're next!



Deborah said...

Wow, that dessert looks awesome. I have never tried to make a souffle before, but I may need to challenge myself!

LOVED your "Happy Easter" post. That song brings back some really wonderful memories for me!

Miss G said...

Deborah, don't worry we didn't make that souffle ourselves. We had it at a restaurant in Dallas called Rise no. 1. I highly recommend it if you ever have the chance to go.

I'm glad you liked the Happy Easter post. I always think of that song on Easter and singing it with you and the Chorus at Downtown on Easter Sunday mornings!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I'll have one right now please... for breakfast!

The second to last photo is amazing. Great composition, Adrian; beautiful smile, Kelly! Out, baby, out -- we want to meet you!

BR said...

wow! What a pretty dessert!

Karen said...