Sunday, April 25, 2010

one week!

This is the day we found out we were going to be parents.

We were so excited and happy.

We had no idea how wonderful it would be to be parents.

We are both absolutely smitten with this bundle of joy we've been given.

We have had wonderful visitors this week to help us with the ups and downs of new parenthood.

Nana and Ducca (my parents) came to meet their new grandson and to spend time running errands, setting up pack and plays, changing diapers, cuddling, holding through the wee hours, fixing food, doing laundry, picking up and countless, countless other things that we couldn't have done without.

Things about this first week:

I was enchanted with you from the first moment I saw you.

The first night in the hospital I sang "Little David play on your harp, hallelu, hallelu" over and over again when I'd wake from sleep.

I love how your little tufts of hair stick up on your head.

It is so much fun when you have your sweet little eyes open and you're looking all around at the world.

You lost your cord at only 6 days old!

You had your days and nights mixed up for a few days but last night you slept in your own bed between every feeding! Nana, Daddy and I are all sooo proud of you! We celebrated in the morning!

Your tongue is absolutely adorable.

Your daddy has been speaking Italian to you. It's really cute.

You, angel boy, slept in your carrier the entire time Nana was watching you in the lobby of the hospital while Mama was getting her blood patch done in the ER when I couldn't take care of you myself. God really provided for us in that.

We pray over you every night.

Nana read your first book to you on your one week birthday.

We also sang "happy birthday" to you after lunch.

You make some *stinky* diapers!

You have very long feet. Mama likes to get them.

Nana plays the kisses game with you.

We didn't get the nursing thing down right away but it's been wonderful how quickly things have turned around and we're getting better and more confident every day.

It's fun hanging out with you and your daddy in the living room in the middle of the night.

It'll also be really nice to all be sleeping in the middle of the night.

Nana said that when Mama was born she was convinced microwaves were made for babies. Now we're all convinced that iphones are made for babies. We use our phones to record feeding schedules, check e-mail in the middle of the night, play "words with friends" and on and on.
You look good in green and white and navy blue and light blue . . . well, I guess we really think you look good no matter what.

Your daddy is an expert swaddler and diaper changer.

You smile at us A LOT and I've caught you giggling two or three times.

I like to sing to you during middle of the night feedings.

You are STRONG. You hold your head up, try to turn over, push up on your legs and elbows . . .

You got an e-mail from a girl. :)

I love watching your daddy be your daddy. He is REALLY GOOD.

You and your daddy watched the NFL draft together a couple of nights.

Mama changed her first solo diaper when I was the only one awake in the middle of the night last night. You were really good to Mama and didn't squawk too much. :)

I think one of my favorite times of day is going to be that 6:00 a.m. feeding when the world is waking up outside and I am holding you snuggly with me.

We have amazing friends who have helped us out with meals, prayers, encouraging e-mails, phone calls and boy clothes showing up on our door step washed, sorted and ready to go.


Jenni said...

so so wonderful! love this post.

Renae said...

Can't wait to come over on Wednesday. I've got tears in my eyes after this post! I'm just so, so happy for you!!
~ Renae

Kelli said...

Kelly, he is absolutely GORGEOUS! We are so happy for y'all, and are excited to meet him! I'm glad things are clicking along and that y'all are transitioning so well. Congratulations on this precious blessing!

Deborah said...

Oh my goodness. This post makes me want to cry! Kelly, you were meant to be a momma! I have no doubt that you married a man that was meant to be a daddy too!

Thanks for blessing the rest of us with your "week in review" with your little man.

Kori said...

Oh I'm crying! I LOVE this. He is so gorgeous and amazing. Also love the pictures of Nanna and Ducca with him. I bet he has a few cousins that can't wait to meet him too! Love you all.

Anonymous said...

You are an awesome blog poster and an awesome mom (sounds like dad is pretty awesome, too).~donna

Ruth Smith said...

What wonderful things to write down! Keep writing them down - it's the only way to remember once months and years go by!

Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

So beautiful! Congrats. What a wonderful gift. Love what you have written-really made me get emotional. you are going to be a great mama.

Candace said...

What a wonderful blessings!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Hmmm, I'm going to have to say something to that forward daughter of mine... emailing a boy, and late at night, oh my!

I love, love, love that second to last photo. And, it made me smile to see your mom holding and loving on baby boy the same way my mom has always done with my babies!

Wonderful first week... may your second one be even more glorious. These are golden days.

Kelly and Brad said...

What a sweet post!! This little guy is so precious and so loved! HOpe you are feeling better! God is so good and really answers prayers!!!

Amy L said...

Kelly, he is so gorgeous. Congratulations!

Mandy Gibson said...

Very sweet post. Thanks for sharing. Love you guys.

Karen said...

Precious times!

Jessica H said...

Kelly - he is just BEAUTIFUL! I'm so happy for you guys! Take notes for all of us "some day'ers". :)

Sarah B said...

Love the photos and your reflections. And won't you be glad you wrote them after some time passes and all the "newness" is But still so special.

Julie said...

The 2nd to last picture is my favorite too! Reading your post brought tears to my eyes too! It brings back so many memories, and makes me look forward to my second set of memories.
Love you!

elizabeth said...

Kelly, he is absolutely beautiful!!! It is refreshing to read your see the life of a new baby through the eyes of a new mom. Sometimes I get so consumed with my daily duties that I forget to celebrate the small wonders of each of my children. So, thank you for reminding me what that feels like!

twarpula said...

Congratulations!! He is beautiful Kelly! What is his name? He was the same weight and length as Presley, how funy!

Jacquie said...

Love all the sweet pictures! Can't wait to see him again!

The Mangus Family said...

kelly he is wonderful... can't wait to meet him :)