Monday, June 21, 2010

shopping for boy clothes


While my mom was here we had a shopping day. I really wanted to find some clothes that fit for me & I had a Carter's gift card and 25% off coupon that had been burning a hole in my pocket since before he was born but since we didn't know boy or girl, it was a little hard to shop. :)

{look at those itty bitty pj pants!}

I haven't had the easiest time finding really cute boy clothes since he was born so I sort of went on a bit of a spree when I found so many things I liked and they were having a huge sale in addition to my coupon and gift card.

Mostly I bought ahead for next year and even further down the road. Thanks to amazing friends who have handed us down clothes and gifts of new clothes he has received, we don't need anything right now. If they had had winter weather clothes I would have bought some of those but of course they only had summery things right now. That's okay.

Can you believe how incredibly long these jammies are?

They are for two years but they still seem so long.

I love the construction theme.

Nana bought this shirt for us. In addition to just kind of liking construction stuff that day, I thought that the wording of this shirt was very appropriate as God is continually constructing each of us into the people He created us to be. Did any of the rest of you grow up listening to that song, "Kids Under Construction"? Who sang that? Psalty? Gaither Vocal Band? I can't remember but I know I had it on a record. :)

My boy-o looks good in navy and brown especially. Couldn't resist a fuzzy, smiling gorilla either.

I'm pretty picky about words on clothes. As a school teacher I've seen way too many disrespectful slogans and phrases displayed across kids' chests. Especially the ones that are disrespectful to parents I just don't get because these kids are not old enough to be buying their own clothes! Okay, stepping down off my soap box. Anyway, all that to say that this wording I found to be alright. :)

sleeveless, plaid, cotton, bulldozer . . . does it get any better?

I love gray on boys and who could resist a plaid rockin' electric guitar?

Of course when I got home I wanted to add up all the full price tags and see how much I saved. $161! I'll take it! Each item of clothing averaged out to $3.40 a piece. I don't have a lot of experience in shopping for kids' clothes yet but I think that's not too shabby.

What about you? Does your child have any of these same clothes? What is your favorite place to shop for clothes for kiddos? Do you have any themes/motifs/colors that you gravitate towards? As my mom pointed out, I'd better enjoy picking them out because soon enough he'll have a mind of his own.

Oh and one more note, as I was checking out, the cashier told me that they will accept returns of their clothes even a year or more from now if you've bought ahead and the item doesn't fit your child. Cool!


{note: this post was in no way sponsored by Carter's just sharing my own experience}


Jenni said...

cute stuff!! I didn't know that return policy for Carter's - good to know! I always like their stuff....and it seems to be good quality.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Cute clothes!

I'm like you in that I'm picky but as my children get older and want to dress themselves I'm finding that I must consider their opinions. Still, I try to fill their drawers with items that I like then all I have to cringe about is when they pair a striped shirt with madras shorts!

Check out Mini Boden for ultra cute baby and children's clothes. Of course, it's expensive but they have good sales from time to time.

Tawn said...

Children's Place is a fav of mine and if you can catch their end of season sales, fabulous! We have an outlet not far from us and their end of season you can get stuff for $1.99 or even 99 cents, somtimes. I also shop consignment shops, they have name brand stuff, in good shape, for cheap.

Kori said...

Lyrics to Kids Under Construction:
MP3 here:
It's the Gaither's. We have the cd and the kids love it. Though I am sure my childhood version was a tape. :-) Maybe even a record! LOVE the clothes. My favorite is going to Target when they have cute stuff (sometimes they don't) and getting shirts to match all three of my boys! But Brenden is nearly too old for that. I also love Children's Place but it's over an hour away - and with 4 young kids that just doesn't happen often. Our nearest Carter's is in Branson Missouri... But I love dressing my Carter in something that says Carter, the kids think it's fun too. My absolute favorite shopping has been our huge twice yearly kids consignment sales. I could get $100 retail priced smocked dresses, barely worn for like $8 or $10 - less than I could sew it for. But boys clothes - once they get past 2T - tend to be worn out. So I don't always find much for my bigger boys there. But I sell a lot that way to pay for the next season's clothes! And have found some good birthday and Christmas gifts there also.

Kim said...

So many cute things - brought back memories of my sweet boys!

Anonymous said...

Carters is one of our favs too. I didn't know about that policy either. Awesome. The JBFsale in Dallas is coming up in August. They usually have winter stuff at that one.

I love what you have picked. Very cute! I've never found it to be helpful to buy ahead since they don't always fit the "right" size in that season. I hope it works for you.

Kelly and Brad said...

You did great! Those are so cute!!!

Cary/Ashley said...

Looks like you already know how to shop for a red head! The colors are perfect!:)
I do well at consignment shops and Sam's usually has Carter's clothes really cheap!:)

Lori said...

Enjoy the $3.00 clothes. Then he will play ball and hockey and .....then you will have a ring, rehearsal dinner and honeymoon to help with. Oh sorry I am way ahead of you. And we had the three girls... like I said enjoy the $3.00 outfits.

Deborah said...

Oh, you are so smart to buy bigger clothes! Those are so adorable. Next time I go to St. Louis and visit the Children's Place outlet, I will let you know. I very often get stuff there for under $2.00! Even my big boys stuff! You couldn't buy material and MAKE it for that cheap!

Becky said...

Those are super cute clothes!! I love Carter's! I love to shop at The Children's Place, Target, Gymboree and Old Navy for my kiddos. I LOVE the clothes at Janie and Jack, but I mostly just window shop there. Whatever I buy never gets dried. I hang up everything, and it's worked great since Riley has been able to wear most of Maggie's stuff.

Mindy S. said...

Whoever said that shopping for boys wasn't that much fun wasn't shopping at the right store! Those clothes are so cute! I love Carter's too, but we don't have a store here. We just have to find what we can at Kohls or Babies R Us. And my favorite store for shopping for the girls is Gymboree. I will be very sad when we outgrow that store. (Right now the only pants that really fit Amy is Gymboree's leggings, because she is so skinny.)

Leslie said...


I love shopping for my kids, they don't have to take there figures into play.. :)... Kidding.

I do a lot of secondhand shopping for my kids. Seriously. Especially at your sons age, its way cheap, and they have hardly been worn, plus I find a lot of boutique y things.

Favorites as far as stores.

jcrew kids line (but even on clearance is out of my budget, but oh my cute) I find it secondhand a lot

H&M kids for boys is a fav and dirt cheap.

Crazy Eights is great too, there clearance brings shirts to about $1.99

Old Navy, of course, but lately there boy stuff isn't my fav.

American Eagle has there own kids line, its pretty cute too, and reasonable. Online only.

Love the classicness of GAP for girls.

Target for girls, but boys is hit and miss.

Walmart for girls, is awesome with plain jane stuff and shoes shockingly.

There is also alays Naartjie, Janie & Jack, Gymboree, etc. but none of those are totally my style for my kids.

Was that a long enough list..

Julie said...

What a blessing hand-me-downs are, but I totally understand the need/desire to purchase something that is your own...everyone has their own style, and even kid's fashions are rappidly changing just like ours. I LOVE Carter's, and if you have a Sam's membership you can buy Carter's stuff their cheaper than at their store (not sale stuff, of course) but if you want something new for right now it's great. I don't know about Costco, but we have a Sam's membership if you are ever interested in checking it out. I LOVE all the you!

Karen said...

What a little fashion plate David will be. Be sure he knows that he can wear red. Some David's don't think they can wear that color. :)