Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Many of you know my friend Emily. Many of you don't.

I *do know* that many of you are prayer warriors and
would be willing to lift Emily up whether you know her or not.

Emily is having surgery today and again in two days to hopefully bring healing to her body as she deals with an illness that she perseveres through gracefully but that is certainly very hard.

I know I am not filling this post with details but I would like to ask you to please lift my friend Emily up today and on Thursday.

Please ask God to heal her body and give her relief from sickness so that she can be the wife, mom and friend she wants to be.

Please ask for skill and compassion for all of the medical staff attending her.

Please ask God to surround her & her family with peace.

Please ask for a completely complication free recovery.

Thank you so much for letting me ask this of you.

This is really important to me and I appreciate being able to call on other prayer warriors to join with me and many others in petitioning for Emily.

Thank you!



Lori said...

I just prayed for Emily along with you. Best of luck to her.

emily said...

you are so sweet! Thank you so much-- we're just making the final prep here at home before leaving for the hospital. What a blessing to see this sweet request on my behalf. I love you, dear friend!!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Yes, I'll pray for Emily today and Thursday. You are a loyal and true friend.

Erica said...

Prayers for Emily!

Karen said...

Please tell Emily that the Doctor is praying for her. :)