Thursday, November 18, 2010

seven months

You've really mastered sitting up.

On October 26th, you learned how to sit up from being on your tummy! That was fun.

The next morning, early, I came into your room for your early morning feeding and you were sitting up in your crib! It made me feel really happy and excited for how you are growing up and learning to do things.

You still like to play with water bottles and "help" Mama fold laundry usually by playing with the bag for your socks.

You have been pulling your shirt on when we've been dressing you and we think you're so smart. Right before Halloween you learned to pull it off! Such fun.

You started rolling over on your tummy to sleep. We put you down on your back and you flip right over and get your thumb in your mouth. It's the cutest thing. You'll also get your hiney up in the air and often tuck your hands underneath you to sleep. We love it.

One night when you were fussy during dinner, we all laid on the floor together in the dining room after we ate and Daddy made up funny verses to "If You're Happy and You Know It" and you were absolutely cackling! We loved it and just ate it up.

You are playing so much. You play independently well for short periods of time and you really like this orange octopus and all your bath toys both in and out of the bath.

We went and played at Mrs. Shevawn & Miss Claire's house one day, we had dinner at Mr. Ryan & Mrs. Julie's house and you really liked playing in the jumperoo there and you hung out with Daddy while Mama went to Canton to meet up with the Aven girls.

You played over at Mrs. Monique & Mr. Ron's one day so Mama could work on decorations for a baby shower.

Mrs. Jenny & Caden came over to play.

You experienced your first Halloween. We went over to Mrs. Renae and Mr. Steve's to go trick or treating and pass out candy with a bunch of our church friends. You dressed up as a scarecrow to go along with our sweet friend "Dorothy".

We got to go to Houston to visit our family there and you enjoyed your time getting loved on by everyone. Your Aunt Jenny made you laugh so much!

Your Aunt Kim bought you a bunch of fun clothes including her favorite, "My Aunt Rocks".

You still love to chew on Sophie.

You had such a good time with your Poppy! He loves you so much and told me specifically, "I love that boy." more than once our time there.

You also love your Sweetie. She sang songs to you and you gave her kisses.

You are continuing to eat like a champ.

You eat bell pepper, cucumber spears (people keep asking me if I'm feeding you dill pickles), turkey, chicken, beef, breadsticks, etc. You also ate tortilla and refried beans at Rosa's first with just Daddy and then as we dined al fresco when we walked over after your ENT appt. It was fun to be sharing a meal with you that way.

You also ate pizza for the first time at Cavalli when Uncle Edmund surprised us with a long layover here! You got to go play basketball with the guys at church with Daddy and Uncle Edmund while Mama was at girls' night.

You hit 17 lbs!

You also go down for your naps and bedtime by yourself and we are so thankful and proud of you.

We all had the stomach bug this month while Grandad was here visiting (hence no photos of his visit) and you ended up having to go to the emergency room because you were getting dehydrated but the great doctors and nurses there got you fixed up in no time. You looked pretty cute in your little hospital gown although I'm so thankful that wearing it was so short-lived and I have tremendous respect for those parents who must endure hospitals with their children consistently. You loved playing with the little pulse/oxygen monitor they put on your big toe with it's bright red light and a wire that you could "reel" your toe in by and play with.

You and Mama slept on the floor together and it was such a cozy time. That was a definite silver lining in this whole thing.

You did get to ride your first trolley with Dad and Grandad this month.

You like your Bible class at church and do well with the different teachers. I remember one Wednesday night when I went to peek in on you because I realized it had been a while since you'd eaten and you might be hungry and you were quite contentedly sitting in Mrs. Beth's lap looking up at her and playing with her face while you were in class with the "big kids".

You stayed with Mrs. Pennye and did great so Mama and Daddy could have a date to go out and eat Italian and hear our former president, George Bush, speak at UNT where Daddy works.

You always seem to know when we need you to be a trooper and you rise to the challenge like when Mama had to go to the ER right after you were born and again this month when Mama got sick and other times too. We are so proud of you and love you so much.

We love you, Little Man! Happy Seven Months.

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