Monday, November 22, 2010

speed scrabble

Last summer I posted about speed scrabble and despite a request for a "how to", I have not yet done that. Well today I am ending the procrastination and telling you how to play speed scrabble so you can play too!

Get your hands on a scrabble or banana grams game.

Dump out all of the tiles and turn them face down in the middle.
(You don't need the scrabble board, you can put it back in the box.)

Each person draws seven tiles and keeps them face down.

One person says "go".
(We play that the person who wins the last hand says "go"
each time so on the first round just pick whoever.)

Each person tries to use those seven tiles to create words.
The words all have to interlock like on a scrabble board. Each person is working with only their own tiles though. It is like scrabble solitaire.

Once someone has incorporated all seven of their tiles into an interlocking "board", then they say "draw". Every person draws a new tile and tries to work it into their board as well. When someone is out again they say "draw" and it continues until there are not enough tiles left in the center for everyone to draw one.

At that point, whoever has all of their tiles incorporated into interlocking words on their board wins!

Also, if anyone gets stuck during the game and wants to trade in a tile, they can but they have to draw *two*.

There are variations on scoring but we like to add up the point values of the tiles we didn't use and you're aiming for the lowest score.

If you play let me know. If I've left anything out or if something is unclear let me know and I'll try to clarify.

Do you have any games that you love to play when your family gets together?



Melissa Jackson said...

This sounds fun! Maybe we'll try this over Thanksgiving. I do have one question, though...once you've played tiles, when you draw more, can you change what you've already played to incorporate more letters, or is it like scrabble that the word has already been played? For instance, if you already played the word "dives" and then draw 2 r's, can you change it to "drivers"?

Karen said...

Can't wait to play together.

Miss G said...

You can definitely change your whole board around. Good question, Melissa! Kelly

Peter said...

Nice one, Miss G! If you're interested, you can play an online version of the game at speed scrabble online

Melissa Jackson said...

This was a big hit with my family over Thanksgiving. Thanks for the new game!