Wednesday, June 6, 2012

my guys

I do love hiking with these two!  

Do you like to hike?



Karen Gibson said...

You've got some great (and cute) guys to hike with. I'm learning to like to hike.

BR said...

great pics! what an amazing landscape you have there! I can't wait to come check it out for myself sometime! Ha! I can see why you appreciate green places ... on vacation!

Oh! As you know, Sunday is Ten on Ten day! Karin and I were thinking of doing a Sitka theme to celebrate her daughter coming home from college, so i was thinking a hike might be in order so that we can take some sitka pictures while we are out. Maybe a standard stroller walk in totem park or on the cross trail or maybe we'll get crazy and take the kids in packs. hmmmm. i'll keep you posted.

meanwhile, we could switch the theme name to hometown or something if you want in!