Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ten on ten - June 2012 (a little late)

ready to get up

diaper change

Bible class


favorite "church toy" that Nana keeps in her purse for him

"ment truck"

trying out a new Mexican food restaurant for lunch

chips and dips

coming home

planning meals

a little shopping for Mama all by herself 
with a birthday month coupon

so colorful - I want a bunch but if you've seen our selection of spices you know I'd be broke at $2 a pop!

it was a glorious weather day (so sorry Texas friends - I really am, I don't say that sarcastically) 

wrapping an early birthday gift for my brother

hanging out with family and looking at trip photos - fun times!

Does anyone else feel self conscious taking photos at church or while shopping?  

Also, my grandma pointed out that my ten on tens don't always contain ten photos.  :)  

What can I say, today I didn't want to narrow down.  

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Jenni said...

photos at church....yes, I'm always self-conscious. shopping....not so much!

and I *LOVE* World Market....definitely going to miss that place!

Ashley said...

I think I recognize those church pews and song books!

Dina said...

I am jealous of your 76 degrees and I have the same calendar! My sister gets me one every year.