Thursday, June 14, 2012

a few places around The Springs

It has been quite some time since I have done one of my posts of the streets of Colorado Springs through the alphabet.  

This post isn't really one street or alphabetical but it retains some of the same flavor of those posts.  

I had seen signs for the Bargain Bin when we went to Conway's Red Top, a Colorado Springs institution.  We liked Conway's pretty well and were very impressed with the wonderful service especially accommodating us with David's dairy allergy.  

Anyway, that was at night and of course the Bargain Bin wasn't open.  I was intrigued by it though and just had a feeling that it was going to be a great treasure of a thrift shop.   I tried to go a couple of times but it was closed both times.  

I finally made it.  

And unfortunately I was kind of disappointed.  I will say this, it was extremely organized and neat and tidy and even had some neat vintage things and toys but the prices were HIGH!  

The lady was quite nice as we left though and gave David a tissue for his nose that was running.  

My next stop was another place I was wanting to try out after having noticed their sign and balloons one day.  Promises Thrift Store was mostly a used clothing boutique with nicely displayed things but I think I'd have to go without a small boy to really check it out well. 

I also checked out a place I'd spotted on a Sunday morning before church Starbucks run (the one time in forever we were on time enough for a pre-church coffee stop).  The shop is called My Walk In Closet.  Again, I'd probably need to be shopping on my own to really check it out but it seemed on the younger side for my taste.   

However, a recent find that I am really impressed with is the Book Rack.  Being a Half Price Books devotee in Texas for practically forever I was having a hard time finding a used bookstore here that remotely lived up.  

Before our Portland trip I was looking for one specific Robin Jones Gunn book to take along for plane reading and it was checked out of the library and after checking in at another used book store with no luck, I decided to start calling around.  

The gentleman at the Book Rack found it quickly and it was only $6.  Then after reading it I was able to sell it back for half the price I'd paid!  The owner is very nice and helpful and didn't mind David making loud frog noises once he spotted a toy frog there.  :)

It is organized and they have a good system for selling books back for either credit or cash - something I really appreciate in a used bookstore.

So if you're a local, have you been to any of these places?  
What do you think?  

Have any other favorite burger joints, thrift stores or book stores I should check out?  


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Karen said...

I always copy your finds. It is rare that I have been to something that you have not. :)