Friday, June 22, 2012

rice muffins

Have you ever made rice muffins?  Heard of them?

I hadn't.

One of my mom's friends sweetly gave me an antique cookbook that I believe had been her mom's as a wedding gift.

I finally began cooking out of it this month.  

I made a pie crust recipe with lard for a quiche and these rice muffins.  

Basically you throw some already cooked rice in with flour, milk, butter, etc. and make muffins.  I was curious when I saw the recipe and so decided to try them.  I really liked them.

They had a great texture and consistency and would be a good accompaniment to a dinner meal too I think.  



BR said...

I've definitely never heard of Rice Muffins!
How fun that you tried them! I should too because we have a rice cooker and I really like making fried rice with the leftover rice but a person can only eat so much fried rice. I was just thinking yesterday (when I looked at the leftover rice in the fridge) that I should google some rice recipes. right on! maybe rice pudding too? I've heard of that but never tried it either.

Karen Gibson said...

And they are pretty too. I'd love the recipe because I always have leftover rice.