Sunday, February 15, 2015

Year in Review - September 2014

The month began while we were still on our road trip

While traveling I only like to eat at places that I can't eat at at home.  

The trip home took us to chowhound!

It wasn't spectacular but it was a fun mom and pop burger joint.

I think this trip was my first time to cross the continental divide by land (as opposed to air).  

It was a neat experience to me.

These pics are actually from August but didn't make the last post.  We had to say goodbye to some lovely friends who were some of our very first friends here in Colorado Springs!  :(  

Boo.  But we will look forward to visits somewhere somehow in the future.  

A good friend and I began diving into the scriptures together in the mornings and it has been really good to me and for me.  God is Good!  He knows what we need.  

I built a chair/blanket/tablecloth tunnel for the kids.

It was a hit.  

Fall decorating, this little squirrel has quite the supply of nuts!  

We had a BIG trip coming up and I was prepping for weeks!  

These two love each other so much!  

Looking online for accommodations.  Do you see one of the places we were headed???

Pushing the cart on a shopping day with Nana and Mama while Brother was in preschool.  

So excited to be surprised by Nana joining me to pick him up from school!  

We took the kids to chickfila for lunch.  I had JUST commented that we were at such as sweet spot because David was big enough to go into the play area by himself and Cora didn't realize it existed yet and so was happy to sit and hang out with us at the table.  When we went in to get David so we could leave, she walked right in, started climbing up to the top of the play structure before I even knew what was happening and was going down the big slide!  She is one brave and adventurous girl!!!

Playing with the nativity in September

When we visited my friend Jenny in May we tie dyed shirts.  David calls his his "tie day" shirt.  He likes it a lot!

Splashing around in the water in our footie Christmas jammies!!

Sweet boy, we let him stay up a little later to read in his bed and he fell asleep! 

My sweet nephew Caleb captured this fun photo!

Getting our taste buds ready for Italian food.  

Another library book we really enjoyed!

Narrowing down clothing choices, matching outfits and packing!!!

Next up, our trip!  


Sharon Wang said...

That picture of David and Cora hugging - just precious!

Karen Gibson said...

Cora looking through the magnifying glass is one of my favorites.

Courtney Bailey said...

Love the idea of posting scripture in spots around the house! I need to do this.

Kori said...

Some of our favorite family times have been tie dying shirts! And socks, underwear, sheets and pillowcases... ;-)