Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Home Tour living room

I like to use things in unexpected ways like this faucet knob as an ornament on my tree.

More ornaments! Marla, thank you so much for bringing the heart back from Hungary for me! Thanks for letting me ask for it! I really like this wooden candy cane Mom got me. Grandmother gave me the little blue wooden angel. The red and green glass balls used to adorn our family's tree when I was growing up. Mom, are they from when you and Dad were first married or more recent than that?

I don't know why but this present always catches my eye under the tree,
green polka dots, crisp red paper and sparkly silver star!

My first time to use my red bakers twine that I'm so excited to have gotten!

Ice skates hanging from the coat closet door knob.

Snowman on front door knob

mini knit stocking hanging from table drawer pull

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