Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday afternoon tea

Last weekend my Mom was in town for a conference. We wanted to take her to the
Arboretum for tea but when we learned the reservations were full, Adrian said that he could make a tea. Seeing as how his dad is English and he himself has dual citizenship and has spent a fair amount of time in England, plus he's a great cook, period, I figured he was up for it!

He was the head chef, I was in charge of all the accoutrement for tea and my Mom graciously helped out in all areas!

Central Market provided us with many wonderful things for tea,
including the raspberry jam and orange marmalade.

Adrian's homemade scones!

the tea table

pouring the cup

Adrian was also able to find real clottted cream at Central Market! Yum!

Cucumber tea sandwiches with a dusting of paprika

Our tea in my tea pot from the market in Scandicci.
Melon and berries in the sterling compote in the back.

ham and aged Australian cheddar tea sandwiches

We had such a great time and filled our tummies quite nicely!
Thanks for coming, Mom and thanks for cooking, Sweetheart!


Sarah B said...

Well, isn't that just so sophisticated! Love your creative ideas - should have called you yesterday during my boring Sunday afternoon! :)

Paige said...

I didn't know you BLOGGED! I am so excited to find you! Just as creative as ever! You are looking good, and it was good to see your mom (on your blog). I can't wait to tell Stacey!

Karen said...

I could almost taste the scones as I was looking at the pictures. One of my favorite memories. Thank you both for a great Sunday afternoon.

Karen said...

PS. Hi Paige!
Kelly's MOM

julie (jane's apron) said...

I LOVE the graphics on the tablecloth (so cool!) and I love it even more that you used it at such a pretty tea!