Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Home Tour dining room

my dear friend Emily before her wedding

four cubbies in my IKEA shelf

one of my cake plates, a vintage measuring tape, three plates for a quarter
at the consignment shop in Missouri, an old pitcher and the wooden spoon
Adrian carved to be able to eat lunch one day on the job site!

deer, another birdie from Germany, silver beaded heart (thanks, Erin!) two Anthropolgie mini bowls, vintage gold ornament, cake plate and dear deer!

decorative ironwork, milkglass loaf pan handed down from my Grandma B., beans, rickrack and turquoise and green - my favorite color combo for this season right now

Frosty, snowflake scrabble tiles bought at the thrift store in Pittsburgh, Shiny Brites, etc.


le said...

Love the scrabble incorporation. I'm absolutely terrible at the game, but my in laws are obsessed.

Totallyscrappy said...

What a delightful home. I love the scrabble letters and the aprons.
Feel free to come over for a cup of gingerbread tea.