Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Home Tour - my dining room

reindeer roaming in sparkling snow on favorite cake plate

silver tree and church in living room actually

emily, do you remember when i bought this? "do you work here?" :)

close up of tree in buttons

sweet deer and frosted trees

Delight in Him!

this is Adrian's chair that he is graciously letting me borrow while all his stuff is in storage and he's living in a furnished house. Ever since I first saw a picture of it in his house in Missouri
I've liked it. I picked up the "g" (it's felt!) at an antique sale a couple weeks ago.
The teapot is from a market in Scandicci, Italy.

one of my collected cake plates on a vintage handkerchief with a pretty silver snowflake, ornament and jingle bell

dining room chandelier crystal tree, silver trays, stars and window "eyebrow"

dining room chandelier bedecked with plastic vintage snowflakes I found while rummaging in box in the attic of an antique store in Houston

clock family

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