Saturday, April 19, 2008

wedding colors

Wanna see the wedding colors?

photo: items in wedding colors displayed on two chairs. large chair belongs to Adrian - a gift from a lady at his church in Missouri, small chair from a set of table and chairs that my grandpa made for me when I was one or two, picture frame on floor holds photo of my brother and mom dancing at my brother and sister-in-law's wedding

Robin's egg blue


Pomegranate orange

this chair holds an orange metal sap bucket, robin's egg blue ribbon that I took off of a gift or something and kept in my ribbon stash, pomegranate ribbon that my future mother-in-law bought for me at Costco in Pittsburgh way back in July (which by the way, if anyone sees this great ribbon at a Costco near them I might need some more so let me know if you see it, thanks!), robin's egg blue corner shelf that I bought while antique shopping with my mom last weekend after deciding on wedding colors. I think it might go on the coffee service table with flowers, sugar cubes, etc. on it. We'll see. Any suggestions for it are welcomed. One of three robin's nests I bought last weekend as well for wedding serving table decor. An R for soon I will be Miss G no longer and will be Mrs. R! Creamer, teacup and saucer from my tea set, milk glass compote with slips of paper that represented my "hope to do" list on my day off last Monday which I would draw out and then do :), two paper dolls from my childhood, don't worry, I'm not actually planning to wear Stephie's (she's the blond) outfit to the wedding or anything, but she fit the color scheme. :) oh and there are also a couple of ceramic robin's eggs peeking from beneath the orange ribbon

I like them. I think they will be great for the fall and will work well in our space. Oh yes, I don't suppose I've mentioned that we know where we're going to get married! It was so very exciting to find it! We both really like it and it's very "us". It is an historic building and unique.

small chair holds: blue book I picked up last weekend called "How to Make Something From Nothing". Not only was it the right color and the right price but the title just reminded me of how God is making something (a new marriage) out of nothing, not truly nothing I suppose but just the idea of Him creating something new in our lives from what wasn't there before. another of the robin's nests, more orange ribbon from costco, one of my cake pedestals (I have a small collection of these but would love more for serving at the reception if anyone has tips on where to find some cheap. I like this simple and plain style.) Antique mason jars that my friend Marcella gave me filled with flowers for my birthday last year. Antique saucers and a silver spoon.

I don't think this color combination is very often used and I like the individuality of it and also that I like both colors! I like that both colors can be used within a range of related shades.

When my mom was here last weekend I took several objects including some ribbon from my apt. to hold up in the actual space where the wedding will be to test out colors and I think these will do quite nicely! If you have any ideas for how I can use these colors I'd love to hear them. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Kelly


Karen said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beatiful!

Miss G said...

Thanks, Mom! I love you! Kelly

Ashley said...

Hey Kelly! I'm way late in the game, but a big congrats! I loved my photographer. He is local DFW and his name is wally carnes. I believe it's
He was all digital. I don't know if you can get a CD or not, that was 5 years ago. But he was amazing! I got married here in McKinney and have good catering references as well if U need them. Yeah, I'm SO GLAD you found Adrian. I'm sure you can attest with me that withstanding the relationship pressures of a small college definitely yielded great gains for us:)

Deborah said...

I LOVE THESE COLORS!!! Only you would have put them together and make them look so exquisite. Your taste in decorating is amazing to me. I cannot wait to witness this wonderful day!!!

Rachel said...

I love the colors! They are so fun, bold, and bright. You don't see them used together very often. I'm so excited for you! Try not to get to stressed out.

Paige said...

Love them ms. creative!

Sandi said...

Hi, Kelly! I tried commenting a while ago on your engagement post to say congratulations but it wasn't working at the time. I'm so happy for you!!

The colors are AWESOME! Very, very pretty and unique. I can't wait to read more about your preparations and plans as you share on here.

If you guys ever come back to Missouri (Hermann, right?), you'll have to let me know -- I'd love to meet up and catch up!

Mod Girl said...

I love your color scheme. You're right, not one that is often used but it is gorgeous!

Nice job on your display for the photos, too. I really love how you are putting so much thought into incorporating little things that make up you and your man.

julie (jane's apron) said...

This will be beautiful! I love, love, love how you mixed in some milkglass in your photo too.

Mod Girl said...

Hey Kelly, have you seen the May 2008 cover of Martha Stewart Living?! Robin's egg blue and pomegranate! Great minds (you and Martha) think alike! Gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Miss G said...

Mod Girl,

I have *not* seen the cover of the new Martha magazine! How exciting! I'll have to swing by a bookstore and take a look this afternoon in my errand running. I can feel a cup of coffee coming on and a slowing down . . . thanks so much for telling me about it and for thinking of me when you saw it! Kelly

HappyAmy said...

Wow! These are the perfect colors for an historic building. And your skin tone! Way to come up with something original!